Complete Newby Needs Help



Hi All

Just joined the forum and not really sure this is posted in the right place?

Anyway I'm in the very early stages of planning a home cinema set up and am a complete and utter novice to it all.
I'm planning to have my AV equipment tucked away in some wall mounted cabinets but i don't understand how IR remotes would work when the units are in cabinets?

Is there some kind of device to boost or divert the signals?

Many thanks in advance



Welcome to the forum, and this is the right area to come to with the enquiry about controlling your new set-up.
There are other areas where you'll get equally (!) good advice on actually setting up the system.
You'll be be able to control everything with one universal remote control.
Some will need you also to have in addition an Extender, such as the Powermids which you will find by a Google search. They come in pairs, the first taking the IR signal from the remote, and converting it to RF for transmssion to the second, which is with the devices and converts the signal back to IR for them to receive.
Others already have the equivalent of that built into their operating systems, so that they transmit RF direct to the receiver that's with the devices.

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