Complete newbie here ,I'm baffled about RPs and which one !

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Ray Von, Oct 1, 2002.

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    Hi hope someone can help me , I really don't understand much about RP Tvs have just convinced the missus to let me have one so its important I make the right choice

    will be using it for DVDs and PS2 games mainly.

    I've decdied on either a Toshiba 42WH16 or the Sony KP44PX2

    few questions.

    Where the hell do you put all your DVDs, PS2, video and NTL digital reciever !!!
    I havent seen any stands and I cant imagine I'd be able to fit all that stuff into one, can someone send me a link as to where I can get a stand ? or a solution to storing the extra equipment as I havent much room.

    I may have the option of buying one as a graded product, this would save me around 500-700 quid is this a good or bad idea ?

    Which is the best option out of the 2 RPs to go for ? , understand it comes down to personal choice probably but which set is technically superior ?

    many thanks guys

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