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i have just recently purchased a Sharp 32" Ga4e LCD tv and Denon 1910 dvd player...and have them connected via DVi...however my sound is basic to say the least ...L+R phono cables to 3.5mm looking to rectify this on a budget of approx.£400 all in(if poss) i.e. av receiver and speakers...i have a reasonably sized l'room 23ftx11ft...though the laminate floor is already there such a thing as wireless speakers??All ideas for systems and setup would be welcome...Please..Thanks

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i got a good deal just before christmas on a Sony 6.1 set up, it was an STR-DE597 amp with SA-VE860P speaker set, 4 hieght adjustable speaker stands with optical and L/R leads for 355 quid, couldn't beat it anywhere.

Amp is good but there are no memory functions to store settings which is annoying as the speaker levels for a digital stereo output aren't what i like for a standard broadcast. For the money though i couldn't find a 6.1 set up anywhere near it. has a decent range of prices and technical info on amps and speakers.


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There are things that claim to be wireless AV speakers. In reallity what you have is the front 3 speakers and sub wired up as normal but then uses radio waves (i think) to broadcast to one of the rear speakers which is then 1) plugged into the mains and 2) wired to the other rear speaker - I have only ever seen 5.1 'wireless' setups

These are convenient to not have a wire trailing from front to rear but there is actually no less number of wires and there is a lack of flexibility.


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What are the main differences between both the AV50 and AV100. Is there much benefit go the little bit extra for the AV100? Is the amp on the AV50 system more future proof, would it be a better bet if I chose to add more equipment or upgrade speakers down the road.


Elac cinema range and a denon AVR1905, i can vouch for the speakers and they are good... a bargain deffinatley as for the still waiting on it.

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