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Hi, Im thinking of buying a completely new setup and starting from scratch. Im not sure of the best place to put this thread, so please move if it needs to be. My current kit is:-

Marantz SR5200 AV Receiver
Toshiba SD520E DVD Player
Audiolab 8000A Stereo Amp
Derek Shek N.O.S DAC v2
Tannoy Revolution R3 as fronts
Cheapy centre and rears.

I was thinking of buying the following:-

Yamaha RX-V1600 Receiver
Panasonic EX75 DVD Recorder
Monitor Audio RS6 Fronts & Silver series centre and surrounds.

Has anyone any experience with any of these? Think they will work well together? I will probabaly keep the Audiolab amp for the front stereo pair unless I find the Yamaha better for music. Dont think I'll be able to keep the external DAC for music unfortunately as there is no coax digital out from the DVD recorder, only optical which will go into the AV amp.

Any comments or suggestions welcome!

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