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Complete new home cinema help.

the doc

Standard Member
Arghh - losing the will to live here with too much information coming in!

Can the experts here help? I am looking for a good value for money home cinema in a new build home.

Really need some guidance on best places to buy... where the good deals are just now and what would work well.

I think I want a projector, a 170cm screen, 5.1 surround sound and the AV receiver to go with it. Would be hooked up to a WII and PC only (with blu ray drive) no TV signal needed.

Budget for the whole shebang would be £2500 - I was thinking about a grand for the projector, the rest going on speakers, receiver and screen. Wiring could go on top of that.

Any tips?


Distinguished Member
When I bought my projector I got great advice from creative-audio.co.uk and also royjowetthomecinema.co.uk. In the end, I bought from Roy. I'm sure if you speak to them, they will be able to recommend kit within your budget.

As you have a wii, I would recommend the component video cable if you haven't already got one. Make sure the amp supports video conversion A.K.A. upconversion to convert the analogue input from the wii to HDMI so you end up with a single HDMI cable going to the display (projector).

Is that the correct size for your screen?!:eek:

the doc

Standard Member

I have a VGA cable for the Wii that lets me plug it into a monitor at high resolution, would I still be able to use that? Thinking of the Wii... all my gear (PC/Wiii/AV/Projector) will be at the back of the room with the screen at the front. I think there are wireless receivers for the WIi around arent there?

Thanks for the links - will look em up - though any specific advice about particular gear that is around just now (especially if on sale) would be appreciated.


Distinguished Member
Wireless can be a bit hit and miss to be honest. The wireless senders used to send composite video are a bit rubbish in my experience. Yes, some work but they can be prone to interference from microwaves, wifi etc. etc. and the picture quality isn't up to much.

If all your gear is in one place, the only cables you will have to run around the room is the speaker cable, so you won't need any wireless solutions. I take it there is no TV in addition to the projector? If you also have a TV you would need an HDMI splitter or AV Receiver with twin HDMI outputs.

As for specific gear, speaker wise take a look at the likes of Q-Acoustics 2000 AV. I'm sure if you asked, you could get the fronts replaced by the 2050 floorstanding model instead and Denon AVR1910.

Probably the best value receiver around at the minute would be the Yamaha RX-V1065, which retailed at £700 at launch.

Yamaha/KEF package

You can't really go wrong with Monitor Audio speakers e.g Bronze AV pack. If you can still find the Silver RS series, they're definitely worth considering but stocks are low as they have now been replaced by the RX. The B&W 685 package (not really available online) and Focal Chorus 700 series are also worth an audition.

To use the VGA cable for the wii, your proposed projector would have to have a VGA input. As I said, you won't find VGA inputs on AV Receivers.

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