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Jun 17, 2002
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I bought this on Ebay. All the original Mr. Men narrated by Arthur Lowe. None of those Little Miss nonsense or those second genration Mr. Men like Mr. Liberal or Political Liason Officer crap.

Total nostalgia, and it really made me think what a talented man Mr Lowe was, bringing life and credibility to such simple stories and basic animation.

I now have the Mr. Tickle sound as my ring tone and I don't care.

Yu-Gi-Oh can go fack itself compared to this art form.
My almost 3 year old nephew loves Mr Men at the moment.

He has got a DVD of Mr Men with about ten stories on it, but its a DVD with an amazingly poor menu system and pretty crappy quality, think its a French produced one.

What version did you get? His birthday is just coming up and a better version would make a great present.

"Mr Men. The complete original TV series". Delta and Laserlight video. Delta DVD

This appears to have been released last year.
Yep, I got the original series 1 and 2 discs for our boys last year - a slice of pure nostalgia for me! Also got one of the crappy french ones; not a patch on the originals:thumbsdow

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