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Complete AV system from scratch....



Hi to all.......

need some help, I install tv systems for a living so know most that i need too.. but....... I need to install, for some rich bloke a complete AV system...

He's currently only got 2 32" panasonic screen, via BC input, gonna try to get him to buy the pioneer pdp50hde.... but he wants the nuts of an av system.... I have suggested 8.1 dolby THX and he wants to go for it.... this is where i need help.. of the systems around, what is the best amp??


No price limit, but with reason... looking at the denon amp at the moment.. 3k havent got the model to hand... room size is not huge... er.... 20' x 40' roughly


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Perhaps Denon's big boy Denon AVC-A1XV at £4k! http://www.avland.co.uk/denon/avca1xv/avca1xv.htm

and match it with their new top dvd Denon DVD-A1XV at £2.5k

or Onkyo's big boy also £4k, and perhaps a mini touch less featured but it is built on modules, hence, you can upgrade it and making it futureproof. Their top dvd player Onkyo DV-SP1000E (the best dvd player atm, until Denon's is available of cos) is not available I think in UK, although, oaklandraiders brought it home from Hong Kong for peanuts, at roughly £900 I think, when it cost €4000! in Germany.



Gonna go for the Denon.. best price i seen is 3k... i'll suggest the denon DVD, but all i gotta do is set up the main system.. anything else to be connected is up to the guy.. Next question, speakers?? Do I stick with Denon for the whole system? this guy wants it loud, and will connect cd player etc...


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Dude, if the guy is going to want the ultimate system, then processor and power amp is the way to go.

Seems to me this guy wants a lot of show as well as go, so the Parasound Halo C1 and Parasound Halo A51 would be ideal! For Speakers, I'm thinking either KEF Reference series or B&W Nautilus!! I believe Meridian have also released a kick ass DVD player too, this would be the way to go.

And add a projector too, for that true home cinema touch :devil: :D

And subwoofer :devil: if the guy truly has deep pockets, then the Velodyne DD 1812 signature is what you want :devil: :devil: Or the Velodyne DD18 (which is probably more realistic and a LOT cheaper :D )


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Fugitivewolf6 said:
No price limit

Surely there must be some limit? AV/Hi-Fi equipment generally has a very high price ceiling, you can spend a lot of money if you really wanted too.

If he's a millionaire then ignore me :)


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A thumb of rule is that you should spend 50% of your total budget, so kazman is on the right way here.

plasma 3.5-4.5k - although, the plasma specialists on the plasma forum would probably suggest pioneer 50mxe1 for the best picture and future proofing. But i'm with Kazman, projector is definitely the way to go. way to go, try and wait for the optoma themscene h79 (price should be around 4-4.5k), which was just shown at CES in USA, so hopefully it will pop up in the spring here. avsforum members (the biggest us av community, agrees from the demoes in the CES show, h79 was the absolute best one).

according to Dr. Floyd E. Toole Vice President Acoustical Engineering at Harman Kardon, suggests if you take into consideration of costs and at the same time reaching the optimal Low Frequency sound, that 2 subs, placed at the walls mid point on each side is the best solution. Is there budget for 2 subs ;D?

lots of more studies here, http://www.harman.com/wp/index.jsp?articleId=default

For advice on acoustics and how to minimise them, unless you already know, try hometheaterhifi's (superb site) guides.



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