Complaint system outcome?

Cow Puncher

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I was thinking about this the other day after making a complaint about a racist little child which i had the misfortune to come across and as Mattk84 made a similar thread here i thought i'd post the question.

Does anybody know of or has anybody ever heard of MS doing anything about compaints made against someone. Do you know someone who was contacted becuase of a complaint or maybe someone banned from Live becuase of a complaint?

Just a thought because i'd really like to know whether my actions are futile or actually make some alarm bells ring inside Mr Gates's office.



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They do absolutely eff all!

We had a complete ****** from London on shouting abuse at everyone, call all scots tramps, junkies and homeless people he has to walk around....we all made complaints yet he still is online.....personally i dont see the point of the complaint system, you would be better capturing the gimps ip and hitting with a DOS attack......dont let the **** online for a month :devil:

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