compatible mobile for tomtom 6 navigator


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hi. :hiya: i recently bought the above mentioned sat nav and it lists some mobiles and pdas on the box which is compatible with. i have a nokia n91 and has bluetooth but will it work with the sat nav or do i have to find a new mobile or pda? thanks in advance.:thumbsup:


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Tomtom 6 has a version that will run Symbain phones like yours (you will need a Bluetooth GPS receiver), BUT i think there are some specific issues with the N91 - can't remember, think it has something to do with the N91 having no card slot??? Have a search :)


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TT6 Works on most phones as per website, what you have to watch out for is the firmware on the phones.
As an example n80 will run tt6 but drops conencion on firware 4 or below.
Its hit and miss with some old Nokia's i suggest you move onto the phone / pda markey ( xda/orbit kinda thing) they work very well and look good too.

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