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    Hi, all :)

    DVD-R: Sony RDR GX300
    TV: Philips 32 DW9625/05R (widescreen integrated digital, dig and alalogue modes)

    TV worked fine with old VCR/DVD Player combo, but new Sony replacement won't tune to more than channels 1, 2, 3 and 5. Have even hooked up set-top box (Bush DFTA2) to by-pass integrated TV digital tuner, but to no avail: the GX300 isn't reading the digital channels so we can't record from Freeview.

    Wall Aerial to Aerial In (digibox)
    Aerial Out (digibox) to Aerial In (DVD-R)
    Aerial Out (DVD-R) to Aerial In (TV)

    Scart from Line 1 (DVD-R) to External 3 (TV)
    Scart from Line 3 (DVD-R) to VCR/DVD socket (digibox)​

    (NB: reason for using the External 3 scart socket on the TV is that it recommends using either 1 or 3 for digital sources - I've tried Ext 1, but with the same results as Ext 3. Ext 2 is recommended for the VCR, which is a possibility I'd like to keep open to play old vids.)

    The Sony has got top reviews on this board and elsewhere, and I don't think anything on it is actually broken.

    I've read the threads elsewhere like this one, but can't seem to get to the Happy Ending.

    Is it me, my connections or (perish-the-thought-as-it's-a-Sony) the machine :confused:

    (As a side-note, posts like this may soon be things of the past: in the two weeks since I bought it I see that Sony have brought out a GX500 version with an integrated digital tuner :( )


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