Compatability with BLU-RAY ?



I am thinking of buying DVD+RW player, (philips) Will current discs, either the DVD+RW or DVD-Ram discs, be compatible with Blu-Ray player-recorders ?
Common sense says they will, but you never know.when will Blu-Ray appear, (for no more than £500).
Thanks, sorry if the question has been asked before.


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At this moment in time I wouldn't assume anything with regard to Blu-ray compatibilty issues. I wouldn't even assume it will ever really gets off the ground for the mass market.. There are other technological ideas on the drawing board for increasing disc capacity.


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Read this...

(EARLY UPDATE - 11/12/02 - 10 AM PST)
I received an e-mail early this morning from an official with the DVD Forum in Japan, letting me know that the story reported in the Japan Times last week is in error. The Forum is not adopting the Toshiba/NEC spec proposal as the final HD-DVD format spec. What's actually happening is that they're crafting a new spec, built on the blue laser concept, that's based on the various spec proposals they've received. So the final spec could incorporate aspects of each of them. The question is, how much of the Toshiba/NEC proposal is being adopted as opposed to how much of the Sony BluRay proposal is being accepted... and is it enough of a compromise on both sides to keep the Sony group from walking and launching BluRay on their own. Maybe it's time to stress once more how important it is for the industry to adopt a SINGLE format for HD-DVD supported by ALL of the industry players.

This certainly is fascinating. I'm working to learn more, so hopefully they'll be something to report soon.

I've received yet another interesting e-mail from the DVD Forum, clarifying the situation we've been reporting on over the weekend re: working out the final HD-DVD spec. It seems that the Sony group has never officially proposed Blu-Ray to the DVD Forum. And apparently, Forum Steering Committee members are talking about the incorrect article in Japan Today now, which seems to have caused quite a stir. As before, we're working to try to sort out all the details on this - we'll update you as necessary.

This statement comes from the good folk at
I think it is too early to speculate on compatibility issues yet!

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