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Oct 8, 2004
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I have a Hitachi 42PD5200 with DVI input and componant inputs, but have been having a bit of a quandry recently, I have a Sony surround sound system, DAVS500 which only has composite or digital output/imputs on it, no componant, HDMI or DVI, the DVD films look a bit grainy and obviously not showing to the best that teh screen can cope with, so I want to upgrade, but, I really not sure what to buy, I like the idea od the a DVD recorder, flexible and would be handy to have, although I probably wont do a great deal of recording, so I was initially thinking Panasonic DMRES10 this has componant outputs and progressive scan I believe? Then I saw the Samsung DVDR125 recorder and HDMi output and scaling to 720p and 1080i for movies, at a reasonable price, found it for £199, then there is the Denon 1920 purely a player, which is also attracting m,e as it is a Denon so the quality should be good, it also has the HDMI output for the TV and inbuilt scaling??

What do I do!!! I was going to leave the Sony wired up to AV1 via S-Video as an additional player, and run a gigital cable from which ever SDVD device I buy to the Sony to use as a surround sound system, also phono plugs from the DVD's to the TV for use with the speakers attached to the TV if required.

Basically what I am after from you guys is what are the advantages and picture quality going to be like with the Panny, is the Samsung any good, some people have said it is OK, and the Denon for a player, is it worth just having a player, how would using just componant on the Panny comapre with the HDMI output on the Sammy and Deneon? I believe the Samsung comes with a HDMI lead already, if so anyone know what length it is please? I would need it to be a HDMI to DVI lead.

Can anyone give me thoughts or any other suggestions please.


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