Comparison of Sim2/Yamaha/Infocus



Has anyone seen any comparison reviews of pj's at about 6-10K price range?

Eg Sim2 HT300, Yam DPX1000/1100, ScreenPlay 7200/7205

Why do all the mags seem to shy away from doing comparisons of pj's at this sort of price?

Have you also notice that WhatHifi has the Yam in its back pages as the best high-end pj but they never recommend it in the rest of the mag (any month), instead the Sim2 seems to be fav, weird.


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Not suprising due to the ads that are placed in the mags.
You can nerver go wrong with the sim2 range, there optics are as good as you will get. But you must see them, that can never be stressed enough.

Peter Parker

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Nice to see someone else mention the optics used in the Sim2 range - this is often overlooked by most people when assessing projectors but is noticable when looking for equal focus across the image.

Most pjs optics have good focus in the center, with a slight defocus occuring towards the edges. Sim use a flatter optic which preserves image sharpness and I think that as a by product of the lens shape, gives a longer throw (being flatter gives a narrower image beam), hopefully RTFM or Alan Roser will comment further on that though.



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Hi Gary,

A longer throw projector lens should hold focus from centre to edge better than a short throw lens as the difference in distance from lens to centre and lens to edge will be smaller than a shorter throw lens closer to the screen.

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