comparing still image camera resolution with tv resolution


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Is this simply pixel for pixel? Still, non video image

Ie if a Canon Eos 5D has 8mp full frame sensor, is that how many it would show (albeit not 16:9) on an 8K tv screen?

Confused - Just like to know how an EOS 5D image would appear on an 8k compared to 4k TV - worth the upgrade?


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Is this simply pixel for pixel?

Not sure how literal your Canon reference is as I believe the original 5D was 12.8 megapixels, with a vertical resolution of 2912. An 8k screen has a vertical resolution of 4320, so a lot higher than the original 5d but very close to the 5D Mk IV.

8k equates to around 33 megapixels in 16:9 (7,680 x 4320).


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Courtesy of Wkipedia:

8k TV is 7680 × 4320 pixels 33.18 Megapixels
4k TV is 3840 x 2160 pixels 8.3 Megapixels

Canon EOS 5D was natively circa 12.8 megapixels?
Max. image resolution: of 4368 x 2912

So any Canon image is going to need scaling onto either screen.
Although one could crop (and add 'blanking pixels') to fit pixel by pixel on a 4k TV.

Any 'lower resolution' image taken on the Canon would be likely be scaled internally from the full sensor?

On an 8k it will need pixels 'making up' to fill the screen and that process will depend on what is doing that upscaling.

5D Mk IV has 6720x4480, 5040x3360 and 3360x2240 RAW resolution save options plus a pile of JPEGs. But the same re-scaling will be required (or cropping/blanking if you want to map the Canon pixel to TV screen pixel).


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yes u have the 5d (I have the original launch first full frame model) - stats correct, so thats 12,719,616 pixels (3:2) and a 4k tv is 8,294,400 (16:9)

converting 3:2 to compare with 16:9 => 13.5:9

so fitting camera image vertically will result in a native 84.4% coverage of width, 9" loss horizontally on 65" diag screen, ie 4.5" vertical border bars?

The Eos 1D Mk3 is 5616 × 3744 (21.0 MP) compared to 33MP for 8K tv

Too tired at the moment to get my head around this other than conclude that my 5D is more than good enough for pixel to pixel on a 4k screen where the 1D S image will need upscaling for the 8k screen?

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