compare Boss 3-2-1 system vs The rest.


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Hi really tring to cut down on,clutter and would like to hear forumers views on the 3-2-1 Boss system or similar against the general 5-1 systems which are ok ,but for the clutter of wires involved,if the Boss system was more affordable what would forumers prefer,Boss owners please comment thanks Jim.


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Unfortuately, any requests for info on Bose in this forum always gets a slagging or no response whatsoever. Me, I'm very happy with my set up. Go and have a listern and make your own mind up.


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Former BOSE Lifestyle 30 owner here goes.

The lifestyle 35 jewel cube system is a top of the range BOSE home cinema and is a long away above the 3-2-1.

In my opinion - the 3-2-1 sounded better for music than for home theatre, but each to there thing BOSE do well is make things simple to use, not to mention attractive.

They are expensive, arguably not worth the money for what they contain - and yes, I did get a lot of pleasure from my set and it is a very clear, clean sound.

For a straight comparison to the 3-2-1, try a Yamaha DSP-800 or 1000, and a Denon 301. Out of those three and for absolutely no wires, listen to the YAMAHA.

I now own a Hsu Research Ventriliquist V-12 and think it is as good as a BOSE mid-range system.....

Simply put and without trying to slag BOSE, you pay a premium for what they give you.

For my money, I would go with a good 3.1 system with a decent receiver.

As long as you like it - thats really all that ultimately matters.

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For same reason as OP, I auditioned the Bose 3-2-1 and was quite impressed by the sound and picture quality (on a 26" Loewe LCD TV).

I ended up buying a Denon S301 for similar price, it's sounds equally as good with music and better sound with DVD, IMHO. Also has HDMI.


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For the is very much NOT a great music option and no question - you gotta have the sub. Preferably a better sub than Yamaha provide on this system as well....:D

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