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So at Richer Sounds they have some lovely Philips OLED TV's

I am probably thinking 55 706 or at a push the 65 856.

However these are quite pricey (and I know you get what you pay for!) but are there any TV's that are comparable or is this just the price I need to save for?

I saw one of the Philips OLED at the AVF comparison day they did and loved OLED. The LG OLED is much cheaper but is there a reason for that?

Not sure about the 4k Ultra HD LCD TVs?


There's not a huge difference between each OLED. You can compare here:

But you sound like you already drew your own conclusions from the shootout :)

TVs in the mid-range are improvements in brightness over the cheaper ones. So, the OLED8xx models will be marginally brighter than the OLED7xx models. The OLED9xx models even brighter again. Brightness equates to better HDR picture, but not really SDR.

With LCD TVs there's only really one comparable model. The Samsung QN91A and up. The QN95A comes with the one connect box but has the same picture quality. LCD TVs have more motion blur than OLED, worse viewing angles but cope better in bright rooms and can get a lot brighter with HDR if you want a more 'VIVID' HDR presentation than an accurate one.

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