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Company's misleading consumers with actual amount of memory left

Saxo Appeal

Distinguished Member
Using the iPhone 4 as an example:
Guys do you think were being miss led by company's such as Apple advertising that the device will give you 16gb of use....well not true really is it!

Some of the space is taken up and used by the iOS and therefore brings the usable memory for the end user down a small fraction. The same goes when you buy a new computer, the OS take a percentage of the memory but it's still advertised to give you for example "250gb space"

If the company's know how much space they need to use for the iOS can they not allocate more memory space for it? Why not release a 17gb iPhone but mention that it takes up 1gb and your left with 16gb

Sorry just having a rant because I wish I had bought a 32gb instead now :suicide::suicide:

Does anyone know how much memory the iOS4 takes up?
Also does anyone know what OTHER could be, I seem to have about 2gb that I have not a clue about

Theydon Bois

Distinguished Member
Its nothing to do with being taken up by the OS - its the one is calclated in 1000's and the other in 1024, meaning you lose around 7% in the conversion.


Prominent Member
Apple can't just put whatever amount of Flash they wish, Flash memory comes on powers of two quantities in pre-fabbed chips. Also it's far easier ( to put it simply) to just put multiples of the same chips, that's why you only get the 16GB and 32GB options and nothing in between.

So to put 17Gb just because of the OS is not something that would be easy -at an efficient cost - to do.

Also different OS versions will take up different amounts of space, so even if they added that space now, come 4.1 they would probably need more.

Now why don't they advertise it as the iPhone 4 14.8G (or whatever amount, IDK) ? Well first it looks horrible, and then everyone else advertises theirs as 16G so to put anything less would make it look inferior..

Welcome to the real world: where physics, manufacturing and marketing meet.

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