Compact(ish) speakers to replace my current Kef 5.1 setup


Hi all,

I currently have a 5.1 setup consisting of Kef Q1 fronts, a Q9C centre and Q2DS surrounds along with a REL Q201E subwoofer.

I'm very happy with this setup but we're about to move house and unfortunately the surround speakers aren't going to fit in the new living room so I need something a bit smaller that can fit on the side wall alongside a curtain and behind a door.

Ultimately I don't want to replace my current setup, but I need to do something if I want to have any form of surround sound in the new house! Floor standers for the front would be fine, I just need compact(ish) surround speakers that will fit behind an opening door and have matching drivers where possible.

I'll happily keep my existing sub where possible. I did consider the Q8S rear speakers that Kef made (and would be ideal), but I had those originally and they're nowhere near as good as the Q2DS :(

I'm not a brand snob and am happy to try anything - I'm also happy with second-hand kit if that allows me to get more bang for my pound! I've considered one of the flagship Samsung soundbar setups but don't want to downgrade the sound where possible, and the lack of HDMI inputs is annoying.

I currently use a Marantz SR7011 to drive everything.

I have a budget of ~£1k ideally for front, centre and rear speakers.

Any thoughts?



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I would say if its just the rears that need replacing, then change them to the Dali's you have just found. Your Marantz should be able to blend the different sounds well and as they are rears, the paring isn't as important as the front three

If you was to get these for the front's then yes the best way is to get a matching centre (which would be this). If you are however going to mount the front left and right close together, you might want to try it in phantom mode first as this switches off the centre channel. There is a compromise if the speakers are to far apart though


You make a good point actually. Since I wouldn't be saving anything by buying a bundle I could always try just the rears first and change the front 3 at a later date :)


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