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Dennis Leighton

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I have bought my Canon Powershot A80 and now I am into digital cameras for the first time!! Can someone please advise me on Compact Flash Cards. I will be going abroad for 3 weeks later this year and will be taking, I suspect, an above average number of photographs but am puzzled as to the size of compact flash card which I should purchase to give me the best resolution knowing that I will not be able to download them until I return home. It would help also if someone could point me to where I could purchase the cheapest!!! Is there a difference also in quality between the various Manufacturers or are they all similar?



I also have a 4MP Canon (the Ixus 400) and, at the highest resolution and quality settings, I get 125 pictures on a 256MB CompactFlash card. At (who I've never used for flash cards, only computer memory) one of these will set you back £32.89 including VAT and delivery. If you need more space, 512MB costs £71.66 and 1GB, £162.14.

I'm sure that others can point you in the direction of cheaper providers and advise on quality differences.



Edit: Be aware that many destinations will have shops offering to burn the contents of your flash card onto a CD, so you may not need to be able to fit all 3 weeks' photos onto one flash card. If you intend to do this, however, it may be worth getting two cards since you may need to part with one card for 24 hours while it is written to CD.

Dennis Leighton

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Hi HTH.,
Many thanks for your prompt and knowledgable reply - it has helped me enormously to understand about Flash Cards. I found your comment about having the photographs put on disc at the holiday resort very good.


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If it helps any more, Dennis, those quoted prices are really good. I've just checked! :smashin:

Having bought a Canon A60 and a couple of flash cards just a few weeks ago, I thought that perhaps there had been a universal price reduction in the meantime. Noooo.

Although I purchased branded, smaller capacity cards (two 128MB - fewer pics lost, should a card fail!), the difference between sellers was typically nothing more than a few pence. It can be quite another matter with larger cards, however.

With that last point and Crucial's good reputation in mind (oh, and if you weren't already! :laugh: )...

Go get 'em! :clap:


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Nah, I doubt it. Not often... :devil:

I was just playing safe, Dennis, and also considered that the smaller capacity could make things just a little (emphasis there!) more manageable. With potentially hundreds of images on a single card, anything that helped the pace of loading and browsing had to be a good thing - particularly on the 'lowly' Pentium 2 that I'm currently using! :D

Dennis Leighton

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Thanks Miggs for the info. Looks good and I don't buying on line. I have a further couple of queries though. I see that there are Type 1 and Type 11 cards as well as High Speed Cards - an ignorant question perhaps but what is the difference - apart from the obvious in the price!!


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I use several smaller cards instead of a single large card. On holiday I find it usefull to have a card for each week or each location. This is more to do with file management than fear of a card failing. When at home I use the cards for backing up my computer data If I don't need them for photos.


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The higher speed memory such as CF and SD are starting to appear more with a premium price. Hopefully, that will mean the standard stuff will drop soon.

Newer cameras are coming with better features such as multiple shots in rapid succession with the memory speed becoming more of an issue.

As an aside the prices seem to increase as the memory size increase but not in step. So a 512mb is usually dearer that 2 x 256mb.

Also there are Compact Flash microdrives - the IBM/Hitachi 1gb and a new kid on the block doing a 2.2gb (though I've seen several complaints about this one so checkout reviews if you get tempted).



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Originally posted by Dennis Leighton
Type 11 cards as well as High Speed Cards - an ignorant question perhaps but what is the difference - apart from the obvious in the price!!

Type II are a bit fatter and don't fit in all cameras - They don't fit in my ixus 400.

Have you looked at ?

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