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Comp / RGB / SVHS Connectivity Question

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by Cal, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. Cal


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    I am about to buy either of the 2 Sony 32 Inch LCDs (probably the KLV-L32M1) which has 3 Scarts and Component in.

    I want to plug in:

    - Sony DVD Recorder via Component
    - Sony DVD Player via Component (ideally)
    - Sky+ via RGB
    - X-Box via RGB (although I have seen a component adapter cable?)
    - VHS Video for emergency kids videos via S-VHS.

    Am I better to shell out for an expensive amp which will upconvert all signals to Component and do switching (e.g. the top spec Yamaha's or Pioneers) so that my sound and video all switches together through the amp, or do I go for direct connect to the TV where possible and live with the double Amp and TV switch when you change source? 95% of the time it will be on Sky+ anyway. Any recommendations on receivers appreciated also.

    Thoughts appreciated as I want to shell out on the lot this weekend. There are many threads on this sort of thing here but none seem particularly definitive.


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