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Jul 20, 2006
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A few weeks ago I noticed that the Community Channel (87) had been removed. Now it is claimed to be back 24/7 until the end of the month, however it failed to show up on a rescan and is not listed on the Mendip channel mux allocations. Can anyone else receive it, or is it a false alarm?
Just checked on my TV. Community Channel is still running on 87. Our signal is from the East Anglian transmitters.
It just seems odd that it used to be on my channel list previously but doesn't re-appear when I scan (I get all the other channels ok). Do you know which mux it is on (although it may differ from my transmitter)?
Can anyone on the Mendip transmitter receive the Community Channel and if so, what MUX or UHF channel is it on? I can receive all 5 SD muxes, but not Freeview Channel 87.

Edit: I have now discovered it is "Not available in post-switchover areas". Doh, didn't want to watch it anyway.
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