Communal Opt Out?


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Does anyone know if it is possible to opt out of the communal system in a block of flats?

My mother in-law is hooked up to one of these systems and she is'nt able to get any of the new channels such as the Cbeebies, hallmark etc...

She is the only person in the block of 4 granny flats using the Sky dish, so I was wondering if it is possible to by-pass the communal box in the loft and run a cable from the dish straight to her Sky box and hopefully everything should work as it should.

Would that work?




It really depends on the attitude of the local council. Many people in flats have their own dish, either on the balcony or on the wall. In almost all cases they are breaching local by-laws, but some councils turn a blind eye, and some don't.


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Have u tried a different box to see if that recieves the missing channels.

Or done a fresh re-install of the channels to see if they get picked up



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Thanks Nick, but what I was meaning was, would it work if I took the cable directly from the dish that is already there to my in-laws box.

I am aware that this would be basically stealing the dish, but if it worked I would then organise for her to get a seperate dish. As I said she is the only one in the flats that uses it, everyone is in there late 80's.


Ah, sorry, mis-read it. I don't think they will let anyone interfere with their system, and if you did without permission, they could prosecute you, or (at the very least) make you put it back to how it was before.

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