''Common ground noise''. a measure of advice please.


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arcam avr350 for time enough[plus] emmanates [too] noise from 2 x mission front speakers.

have moved, seperated, kept in distances appropriate, etc...have tried as much as near madness wud allow...
to prevent the issue[ground noise[''] i think the hiss is]
but, no form of prevention tried so far, works.

the house i live in has an [second rated ? ]electric supply, set at
'phase 1' or 'phase 2' [uncertain which it actually is]. word heard sent a possible way to fix.
if correct as in 2 brown wires to each 'terminal' or output control instead of the usual '1'...maybe...

would the incorrect [phase] setup cause such as present problem? an electrician wud know or have a good idea.
this residence is in the 'ar*se-butt of nowhere in the country. things go on around in such ways as wud be suitable, when lights were just invented[a slight exaggeration but only :( ] i wud be glad to seek an electrician to perhaps bring in a setup to the room i use most of the time to sort out just the elecs here in that room. landlord is local enuff but, the house is ott in age and ways of 'updated'. it's location tho'...cud not ask for better. happy enuff with nature...pity about the humms.

if such a solve as hoped for does work...this ole audiophile wud be one seriously happy one. :)
thanks ahead.


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Have you tried a different amp? It's possible that the fault is with the Arcam and not with your electric supply.


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Some hiss from an amplifier is normal, if your ears are close to a loudspeaker. At normal distance from them it should not be obtrusive. If the hiss is only heard at high volume settings (with no music/movie/tv sound playing) again that can be normal and should not heard when audio is playing (very loudly).

Mains wiring issues: I would not expect them to cause cause hiss... hum or buzz perhaps, not hiss.
Arcam has a 'ground lift' feature that may help in some ground hum loop circumstances, depending on the connected kit?


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What have you got plugged into the amplifier? Some TVs cause hum loops due to there being an earth and antenna connection.

Try the amp with only the speaker plugged in and everything else unplugged and switched off and see if the problem persists.

I'm not sure about your mains setup. What country are you in? I can only speak about UK mains, where you will always be on a single phase from the local transformer, but I know other countries have different bi-phase connections. None of these should be an issue in terms of noise though.


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gr8, ok.
thnx much to all involved.

1]a different amp? no, a sony is resident in inaccessaible storage at present.
the issue as in electric phase [wiring]mention...was similar in a previous house.
also with the 'ground loop NOISE'. in previous house, the Noise was not as DEFINITE[near same] INTENSITY. here now, the sound with one other 'input'...a laptop, is different. louder and more[''] definite.

2] hiss it is NOT the impression[realisitic] as wud be the NOISE IS.
a 'solid' sounding 'noise'.
not 'slight' relatively speaking...the same as u may hear 'hiss' or 'hissing sound'.
a NOISE...

3]no other device/s attached. they are not welcome here :(

focused on different cables. only workable scenario now is

MCH & STEREO DIRECT [3.5 mini-jac] in front aux input.
1 co-ax [rt and left] in rear ports] to mini jac-to PC sound card.
sound card--Trust 5.1 surround sound card. TOS, co-ax or analogue
varying usage prior. the only one that works at present is the analogue[MCH]
ireland is the country. roscommon is the county.
TOS cable
analogue [3.5 mini-jac]

if it is the wiring...[more than likely i feel] a solve as mentioned wud be an extension with updated phase[?] to main electric supply board in the house...?

there were many times when noise[less and more] was not heard. more, that it was not heard.
now, it is inescapable.
not the receiver am sure enuff. not sure tho why noise is worse...? [am doubtful of the arcam being the trouble. feel it in skin[and bones].
tried all sockets in near or as, the entire lower floor[ a 2 story house].
tried the ground lift option button on back of 350.
as many tried all options fail.
it's all i can do i think.
[the cursedly persistant unknown 'click-tick' inside the car/on the bicycle] that ya know is there but,
no matter what's done [ridiculous most times what you will do to find it, ya still can nay get to it...to fix. hate that, don't you? hawwwoh. cry[quietly] ]
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PC sound cards? likely your issue is within the computer kit - processor(s) interference being carried on the cables between kit. Only use optical toslink or coaxial digital inputs to minimise such issues and lose all other audio connections from the PC/laptops and AVR. Move the PC/laptop as far from the AVR as possible in case interference is radiated from one device into the other by proximity.

Try alternative cables. Some hdmi-type leads are better screened than others. Price is not indicative of screening quality.

Q. How can I permanently stop mains noise in my studio? may be useful?


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PCs (including laptops) are a classic source of ground loop hiss. TVs, especially with cable or satellite connections, are another typical source. Fortunately, diagnosis is trivial: disconnect all leads from the TV (& HDD recorder) and PC (& laptop) going anywhere, and see if the noise dissappears.

Cables, device proximity, house wiring, etc., can - on rare occasions - be responsible, but the likelihood is low that it's best to start with the usual culprits. Post back with the results of fully disconnecting all broadcast and computer equipment from the audio setup.


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all cables[input] were disconnected. [except spker cables]
no changes to the 'ground noise'.
i waited. tried a few connections[inputs]. no change.
went back to analogue. the MCH

yesterday, i did same thing.
ALL cables except speaker's were disconnectd.
waited ~ 30 secs.
...the 'GROUND-NOISE' stopped!

GN stopped for ~ 3 mins.
turned up and down the volume. at the high end, 80db it suprised me. hardly any noise of any kind. but, down level and it decreased, the sound at speaker grill at 50db was ''invisible''.
stunning. never was this the case before. always hiss of loudish at grill[speaker] always.

some point past three mins, the ''GN'' returned.

any ideas'ld be [wow]...
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I'm sorry, it was very hard to understand your post. I think you may need to make clear statements ,so more people will engage.


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thnk you noiseboy....
i'll leave it for a while.
trying way too hard here. :(
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OK, if the ground noise comes and goes with everything disconnected then either there is a fault in the amplifier or an external source of noise.

Maybe try the amplifier in another location - another building on a different supply. This will allow you to discover if the noise is external - if the problem goes away, or an amplifier fault if it still happens.
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