Commercial Airliner Shots


Ahoy there!

I took a series of photos of some commercial airliners departing Heathrow. My first attempt. Cropped and PP'd with PS CS2 and PSP X.

Camera: Olympus E500 with 40-150mm lens
Most taken at 1/500 (odd ones @ 1/640 + 1/800) at 104mm and 150mm @ ISO 100 between F4.5 and F8

Opinions and comments welcome.


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Good shots - it's a very difficult picture to get correct, one of airliners taking off. Having said that, it's been even more difficult this past week. You must have waited hours to see eight planes take off!


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I am guessing that you liked the third one best as thats the one you used for processing the most. I agree with you, it is the best one of the lot, not sure on the processed version though as it's cutting bits off the plane.


Ahoy Bill!

Many thanks for the comment. Yes, I too like the conversion. At full 150mm zoom (300mm SLR equivalent) and 1/4 to 1/2 a mile away panning the planes, I was surprised I got usable images.

I'll have to adjust the focus to constant a/f next time and up the shutter speed methinks. :thumbsup:


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monkeyleader said:
Ever thought of sticking a few of those on ? Good stuff ..
Always worth reading the upload FAQ there first, then if you think your pics seen good enough, give it a go...:D

I've managed to get a few accepted there....see my link below..:smashin:

It has impropved my photography vastly over the last couple of years, you will learn lots from rejections. A good example is 'level'.

Everyone look hard at your pics now....any pics...people, landscapes, cars....

Now look to see how many pictures are not level...:eek:

Apologies for not posting here much being Mr DIY at the moment....bit there WILL be more Spitfire pics soon..:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:



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Surprised that you can still take pictures of planes without being accused of being a terrorist... are you *sure* that you're not planning anything? Can you prove it? Hmmm... :p

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