comments please on Pioneer 5100 or Panasonic E100


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Pioneer 5100 or Panasonic E100, anyone ?


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The Panasonic E100 is the better machine for a number of reasons - the fact it has RGB input being one of the major ones. The Pioneer 5100 is a good choice if you need re-writeable disks to be compatible with most DVD players (generally you'll find you only use write-once disks with such a machine). Have a look at some other threads as this has been discussed quite alot recently.


the real key is can your sky/freeview/cable box output an s-video signal

unless you have sky+ this is unlikely

if that is the case the E100 would be your best option. However, if it can IMO the Pioneer would be the better buy as it has many advantages over the E100.

Be careful though you are on a forum heavily weighted towards the panasonic.


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Be careful though you are on a forum heavily weighted towards the panasonic
That is a very, very unfair comment Bobbles. Without being immodest much of the advice here is given by me - and throughout ALL posts requesting advice/assistance I endeavour to offer totally impartial advice. If you search through my various posts I recommend a wide range of machines in my posts - Sony, JVC as well as Panasonic. Certainly the Panasonic models factor heavily - that is because they are currently some of the best, some of the cheapest and all offer RGB input. And I should point out I have already stated in one post that when I upgrade my DVD recorder later this year it will probably be to the Sony RX10 which, on paper, looks somewhat superior to the Panasonic E95. How you think that shows some sort of mindless loyalty to Panasonic or even the DVD-RAM format I'm not sure! I only seek to offer the best possible advice - and I'm convinced that I do that quite well.

Suggesting that there is no difference between S-Video output and RGB output from Sky+ and Freeview boxes is indicative of a need for a new display device. Even if you remove the DVD recorder a connection using RGB from such a digibox is almost always superior to that of S-Video. In somecases (from certain DVD players) certain circumstances can conspire to make the opposite true - but this is not the case with any of the current batch of DVD recorders. This isn't just my opinion (an opinion formed on the basis of multiple TVs, 2 plasmas and a projector) but of magazines such as Home Cinema Choice, WVWE etc. Proof of the pudding itself is that Pioneer are rushing an RGB equipped 5100 mkII model to the UK market to replace the existing model(This model should be available in December). Why do you think RGB is such a popular output method from digiboxes?

However, if it can IMO the Pioneer would be the better buy as it has many advantages over the E100
Such as an inability to record in HQ for anything other than an S-Video external source? If RGB isn't an issue and DVD-RW is required then the JVC models are likely to be the best bet. If you want both (and are prepared to wait 6 months) the Sony RX8 will probably offer a (expensive?) solution to both problems. The new Sharp models are also possible candidates although they are likely to be 5100 mkI clones (or there abouts).


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glad i can cause debate :)

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