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Cambridge Audio?

These are the stereo amps that my preferred hi-fi/hi-end dealer has. I have already decided to buy him Triangle speakers (although I am still waiting for news about my future here in Germany, and I am saving up some more money...), and I think I'd like to stick to him, since he really gives me good advice, and service, and everything. But I know that the Triangle tend to sound a little bit bright, so if I go for them, I need an amp that mellows it, that is, neutral or even a little bit warm (I noticed that with my hi-end yamaha cassette player, yamaha receiver [bright] and these speakers, the sound was perfect, but not with the cd [sony cd player]).
The point is, will they give that, and still keep on the quality range that the Triangle speakers [Horizon] are?


Myryad is fantastic kit, the only other one I've heard of is Cambridge Audio but never heard them in action.


I have experience with Cambridge Audio and Myryad. Cambridge Audio is pretty much entry level hifi, with a nice big warm sound which is generally exciting. Not good at handling big difficult speakers though (I don't know how big or difficult to drive your Triangles are). Cambridge Audio is definitely good for the money (the Azur models have recently got great reviews in all the English hifi press), but if you want to pay more you can definitely get better results. Myryad is somewhat more expensive, but the Myryad house sound is very neutral with excellent control and power capable of handling considerably more expensive speakers.

I have myryad M-series kit (MC-100 and MI-120). I run it with B&W Nautilus N805s and am very happy with the result, however it works best with classical music (which is what I listen to nearly always), and my one complaint would be that it misses venom and bite to make heavy rock music sound as exciting as it could do. I don't care about that, but you don't say what your music choice is so I thought I'd mention it.

I get a very powerful and detailed sound with all types of music, and it is very tonally accurate, but it definitely doesn't make a boring recording into something more interesting. However, I don't really know what sort of hifi gear does manage that (people say that Naim can, but I've never listened to Naim equipment).

Anyway, my experience with Yamaha AV receivers is that they are a lot brighter than Myryad, so if you find your speakers together with the Yamaha to be bright but acceptable you will get a smoother and more neutral sound via Myryad gear which should be nicely balanced.

There is of course only 1 real comment: Audition everything yourself, using either your own Triangle speakers or identical ones in the shop. Your ears are the only ones which matter, after all. Take some CDs which you know tend to sound very harsh and listen for that harshness in the shop. Don't be afraid to listen for 30 minutes to a particular combination in order to check for harshness, since you are worried about it and if you buy a harsh combination you will regret it for years afterwards!


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Hey, thanks, nthornhill! That's what I call a useful and thoroughly written answer!
First of all... Er... I didn't buy the speakers yet, although I feel them as mine :) Each day I am more convinced, but my girfriend is less... But it is my money in the end, he, he...
I listen mostly Rock, Pop, Soul, Jazz, R&B... In this order. So your comments were very welcome.
Triangle are a very easy load, so I won't have a problem driving them with anything (actually, they are valve-friendly :) )
Thanks for the audition piece of advice. I do it already, and the dealer is really nice, so that won't be a problem. He'd even allow me to take it home and give it a try over the weekend!
From what you say, it seems like the way to go... I am glad of reading it! Now I don't know which combination will be better, but I think I can trust my dealer, and he'll let me compare for sure.
Trevor, I am sorry but I am not a native speaker... What do you mean with the sentence? I understand the words, but can't get the meaning of the sentence.

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I like the Cambridge Azur amps- I have a 540A on my desk :). If the Triangles are as senstive as the ones the French Cambridge distributor was using at the Mondial show (Titus) it is a good match as any excess warmth in the Cambridge is more than mollified by the Triangles.


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Nice point, TonsOfFun. If Cambridge Audio was using Triangle, it means they are a very good match. Well, the Titus are the equivalent of the ones I am intending to buy, but one range up, and sensibilities and other specs are very similar.
Actually, I heard so much good about the Titus, that it made me think if they are similar or not... From the web site, as I said, specs and so on are very similar... But that means usually nothing (although being from the same brand must be taken into account). In fact, I commented my dealer about the Titus, and he prefers the Horizon Sathis... It is a new range which you will find only in the french version of the web site...

I like to know that warmth of amp and little brightness of the speakers cancel out.


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Yamaha receivers can err on the edge of brightness. I run a Yam HTR5540RDS and Mission speakers (both having a reputation for brightness). One way to combat this is with your source - I found replacing my Sony RCD-W3 twin-deck CD Recorder with a NAD C521BEE CD player helped and as a result, I now have a much warmer sound.


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Thanks for all replies, first of all..
Since Myryad looks out of my price Range, it looks like I will go the Cambridge Audio way. I have found some nice reviews, and your comments also put me in that direction.
Moreover, after I saw the pictures of the remote control on CA web site, I realized that my hifi dealer used the azur line of CA to give me a demo of the triangles! So I think I know what will be his advice.
The looks are also great, so what else can I ask for?
Now it is time to do my tax declaration, and see if I get back 1000 euro, as my friends claim I should... :) I think the amp and cd player Azur 640 can cost me that money... and the 400 euros of the speakers I had already saved, so... I think I will have a new stereo soon! (soon, in my time scale, means at least a couple of months, and add to this the paperwork of the tax declaration...)
In short, thank you very much, you help me feeling I make the right choices.


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