Comments on Monitor Audio Bronze FX surrounds?



Hi All,

My current setup consists of a Tannoy MX-3s and MX-C on the front soundstage, and Bose 301s as rears (eeek!). I use a Z1 projecting a 7ft wide image in a permanently dark room.
The room is quite small, but sufficient for me to be able to sit 1 metres from the rear speakers without seeing screendoor.

I've tried another MX-C in the centre rear soundstage for 6.1 material from my Denon 1803, but it's way too localised for my liking.

In general I'm not too happy with the localised surrounds as they stand, so I was considering replacing them with something like the monitor audios, as they allow for bipole/dipole operation, and appear to be pretty good quality. This would allow me to experiment with the bi/dipole setup and get a more diffuse surround channel, and then extend to a better 6.1 experience using either another MX-C, or perhaps a couple of MX-2s in series from the 1803 as the centre rear channel.

Anyone using the BFXs care to comment on how they are working out for you?

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give me,
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