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comments on 6.1 ?


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I bought the yam750 because it covered all my needs and then some (The automatic set-up is dead handy). I've currently got a 5.0 set-up with Linn fronts, wharfedale centre and wharfedale bookshelf rears stolen from my bedroom. Sub is due soon.

I need to buy some surrounds and mount them properly, so I'm wondering what to get and whether to get 2 pairs to make use of the 6.1 mode.

So have you upgraded from 5.1 to 6.1 ? Was it worth it? Could you tell any difference?

My viewing position is 1m from the rear wall so the centre rears would be 1m behind my head, the rears are 2m off to the side.

2 pairs of Gale 3060 from Richer sounds total £160 is an option. I suppose sensible thing would be to buy 1 pair and add them to my current set-up.


I assume you are actually looking at a 7.1 configuration as you say 2 pairs? I wouldn't advise using two sets of bipolars though. Four monopoles would be my choice or possibly bipolar sides and monopolar rears.


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To answer my own question: I couldn't tell the difference between 5.1 and 5.1EX with the two towers and phantom menace. I haven't got any full on DTS 6 channel films.

It seems a shame to waste the capability of the amp, but there's not much point in putting an extra pair of speakers on the wall if I can't tell they are there.


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If you dont have the extra rears 5.1EX wont make any difference. I found 6.1 better then 5.1 as the extra speaker really fills the rear soundfield out. I would suggest the bipoles in the sides and monopoles in the rears as the best combo. Im moving on to that setup soon.:D


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I'm using MS silver for fronts and 2 kef eggs for rears. If I wanted 6.1 would a centre egg be better/any different to a "normal" egg?


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I wouldnt bother trying to get a centre egg. Just use the normal eggs or get some bipolars for the sides and use the eggs in the rears.


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Doctor_AB said:
Dfour I already have a spare centre but not a spare normal egg.

Then try it and see. I ant see it being any better or worse then a normal egg.


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Since you have a Yamaha 750, I'd forget the surround backs and go for Presence speakers. They make a lot of difference. I just installed mine (a pair of secondhand JM Lab Sibs) with a RX-V2500 and the front scene is widened a lot. Also, if you have a projector, you can use Dialog sic] Lift to divert some of the dialogue to the presence speakers, so that it really seems that the voices come from behind the screen, as in a proper cinema.


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To clarify: my surround rears are 1m back and 2m to the side of my seating position. For my trials I added surround backs at 1m behind and 1m to the side.

In 5.1 the rear effects already sound like they are behind me so maybe there is no void to be filled.

It might be different if your surrounds are to the side of you, then maybe centre back channel will shift the sound rearward. But they would be very near your head, so you'd have to get the level right.

I also played with removing my centre speaker, and as expected it made no difference (seeing as my centre is directly between the fronts). The downside is I lose the ability to alter the centre channel gain, and of course I lose some total power capability. The upside is that a phantom centre is perfectly matched to your fronts.

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