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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 11th October 2011.
“Come on, Bennett … let's party!”

And that's exactly what this CD enables you to do. So strap on some ballistic hardware, don some kevlar bling and slap on the camouflage face-paint. We're gonna paint the town red in a calypso of carnage!

James Horner kicked his slippers off with Commando and replaced them with reggae-coloured combat boots. He wrapped the sweating, camo-painted bulk of Arnie up with a bullet-proof coat of musical testosterone, but he wizened-up to the absurdity of what director Mark L. Lester was doing and liberally laced his score with infectious, unabashed fun. With irresistible synths and Simmons drums, meaty brass and a furious variety of percussion at his disposal, Horner wages just as much war as Arnie does, his music a non-stop assault on the senses. Uniquely driven, unusually orchestrated and spectacularly macho from the get-go, this is prime workout material, and a wonderfully nostalgic trip down Steroidal Lane. On the downside, it is profoundly repetitive and Horner does botch the otherwise awesome Main Title with that horrible little nicey-nicey passage of father/daughter bonding.

But, overall, this is gloriously exciting stuff.

This release is limited to 3000 copies worldwide and, to my knowledge, these were all snapped up quicker than it took Arnie so sever that bloke's arm with a machete, but that does not mean that there aren't still copies of it gadding-about. Believe me, for those who haven't been lucky enough to pick one up – in any edition – it is well worth tracking down. This is vintage James Horner, and even if this score doesn't seem to bear much immediate relation to his many award-winning works in later years, you can clearly hear the evolution of phrases heard in Star Trek II, Wolfen, Brainstorm, and even Krull, and also recognise elements that would go on to stunning effect in Aliens and Titanic. For fans of the composer and of Arnie, this simply demands to be in your collection.

So let off some steam with Horner's furious and exultant score for Commando.

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Distinguished Member
Great comprhensive review Chris :smashin:

Pleased to say I managed to grab myself a copy of this essential action score too :clap:

I also have the last 3000 issue for VS which is compressed into a handful of tracks so I prefer this new score with tracks seperated into specific segments.

One of my fave scores for sure to compliment a classic Arnie movie :cool:

Thanks for the detailed review, as always, it made an enjoyable and informative read :smashin:

Chris McEneany

Well-known Member
Cheers, Glenn

Glad u picked one up! Mine went AWOL for a bit and I thought I'd missed out.

What do you think about the "nice" bit in the main title theme, mate? Am I just being a bit harsh?

Hey, Chuck Norris and Van Damme for Expendables 2!!!!! Get in there!

Later dude,

Chris McEneany


Distinguished Member
Re the 'nice bit' in the main title theme ....

If I am honest I have always accepted it for being there and so have never really questioned it.
In its own right the 'Jenny' theme music is probably quite fitting for the character but I know where you are coming from in terms of how this could be inappropriate.
All I can say is, as the Jenny theme fades out, we are treated to a rather cool re-entry of the 'Matrix' theme when it does step back in again very purposly with some aggression shall we say.
Combine the music with ice creams on noses and feeding Bambi and yes it is all a bit so so but it does not last long does it.
Love the movie, love the score :cool:

As for Expendables #2 ... hell, that movie can't come soon enough, but how cool that Van Damme and Chuck are on board eh :smashin:

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