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Afternoon Everyone,

The following shows and/or movies, are coming-up soon, and maybe worth watching/recording. :) Many of these are repeats, though not all, but are still worth an hour or two of your time.

Monday 27th September (late night/early hours of 28th)
Film: Kontroll (15), on Film4 at 12:50-3:00am)

Amazingly ethereal Hungarian action/drama about life on the Hungarian subway system, as run by the deranged and useless subway officers, and all of their weird and surreal encounters. Very existential at times, but with a great Techno score, and some superb chase scenes!

Wednesday 29th
Film: Resurrecting The Street Walker (18), on Horror Channel at 10:55pm-12:55am

British and European co-production about a film producer who discovers footage from an old exploitation film called "The Street Walker", who decides to locate the missing material, and complete the film, whilst dealing with his own life-problems. Not seen this, but only came out on UK DVD about 3 months ago, and is quite controversial! Contains strong violence, strong language and adult material.

Friday 1st October
Touched By An Angel, every weekday on CBS Drama, at 10am and 7pm.

Disney-produced family drama, about an angel chosen to help people on Earth, get through or solve various emotional crises. Saccarine, a little too nauseatingly so at times, but it's enjoyable for the most part.

Ed, every weekday on CBS Action, at 5pm-6pm.
Short-lived comedy drama about a lawyer who moves back to his home-town of Ohio, purchases a Bowling Alley, and dispenses legal advice from there! Quirky and off-beat show ideal for fans of shows like "Monk" and/or "Psych"!

Sunday 3rd
NEW SERIES: House - Season 7, weekly at 10pm-11pm

Now that House and Cuddy are together, how are they going to evolve their relationship, with everything else that's going on around them, at Princeton Plainsboro Hospital?

Thursday 7th
NEW SERIES: Nikita - Season 1, weekly at 9pm-10pm, on Living.

Remake of the superb French film thriller "La Femme Nikita", about a young Parisian drug-user who kills a member of the Gendarmerie, during a drugs-bust, and who is then "killed-off" by the government. Given a stark choice - work for them, or be killed for real, she is forced to helping the very people she loathes most. Could be interesting, but the previous TV incarnation with Australian actress Peta Wilson, became only a minor cult hit. With Hong Kong action star Maggie Q in the title role, this may be an improvement.

NEW SERIES: Haven - Season 1, weekly at 10pm-11pm, on Sci-Fi.
New supernatural fantasy drama, about a female FBI agent working in Haven, Maine, to track down an ex-con who was convicted of murder, only to discover that the town is now a haven to all matter of weird and psychotic goings-on.

Saturday 30th
Brimstone - daily at 8pm, repeated same night around 3am.

Shocking, amazing, but short-lived horror/fantasy drama about a police officer gunned down in the line-of-duty, after hunting his wife and son's killers. After arriving in Hell, he given a second chance at life, providing he works for The Devil, and goes hunting for 113 of the world's most evil killers and sadists! With his flesh tattoed, he is sent back to Earth, but is forced to do the Devil's handiwork, whilst seeking out the very people he needs most to solve his family's murder. A brilliant show, that has grown to cult acclaim over the years, and is now considered one of the best of its kind! Recommended, but be warned: by the series finale, you'll have tears rolling down your cheeks at the denouement the series leaves you with!


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