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Welcome, welcome, welcome!

I’m back! :clap: After a five-month hiatus, I feel ready to return to deliver to you folks, the best (and, occasionally, worst) of what’s coming up on TV each month.

There is one major change, and that is the amount of descriptive text has been reduced. :( Simply put, with so much Television to recommend to you, I can’t include as much information as you may like. However, I will always do my best to include necessary information, and enough detail to give you an idea of whether or not the show or movie is likely to appeal to you. I hope that regular readers of my Updates won’t find this change too inconvenient. (I now get to complete the Updates in about 2 hours, rather than the three or four, it used to take! :cool: ) All programmes are being shown in Widescreen and are Uncut, unless specifically mentioned in the relevant description. :)

Anyway, enough waffle from me, let’s get on with everything. There’s TV to be watched! :clap:

Saturday 29th September

If you usually watch or record the Saturday night repeat of the US war drama, Sky have generously decided to can-it, just a two episodes from the end of the run. :rolleyes: Thanks Sky! (Also see Friday’s schedule for more information!)

FILM: Batman The Movie (U) – 3:45-5:45pm
Camp comedy/adventure classic from the immortal 1966 TV show. Silly, but very enjoyable for both adults and children. (Five)

Stephen Fry: Guilty Pleasures - 9:30-10:30pm
Acclaimed actor and presenter talks about some of the hobbies and leisure pursuits in his life. (BBC2)

FILM: Burnt Offerings (18) – 10:55pm-1:00am
Creepy horror thriller with Oliver Reed and Bette Davis, about a possessed house. Far more compelling than it sounds – honest. ;) Contains violence and gore. (Zone Horror)

FILM: I Walked With A Zombie (PG) – 2:30-3:40am
Classic black-and-white horror story, and the first to deal with zombification. Directed by Jacques Tourneur. Showing in the original 4:3 ratio. Tame by today’s standards, but creepy enough to not be appropriate for youngsters. Another Tourneur horror chiller airs tomorrow night. (BBC2)

Sunday 30th
NEW SERIES: Bremner, Bird And Fortune – 7:00-8:00pm

The three comedians return, for another pithy look at the week in politics. (Channel 4)

Stephen Fry: 50 Not Out – 9:00-10:00pm
Documentary and clip-show highlighting some of Stephen Fry’s best moments in TV, as he celebrates his 50th Birthday. (BBC2)

FILM: House Of Flying Daggers (12) – 9:00-11:10pm
Premiere of Zhang Yimou’s Chinese romantic period drama, starring Zhang Ziyi and Andy Lau. In Mandarin with English Subtitles. Showing in 1.85:1 ratio instead of the original 2.35:1 format. Contains some martial arts violence and brief nudity. (Channel 4)

NEW SERIES: The Black Donnellys – 9:00-10:00pm
First of new 12-part US crime drama, about a family of four Irish brothers who are all involved in organised crime. New episodes air every Thursday at 9pm, with a Sunday night repeat at the same time. Contains violent scenes. (ITV2)

Prison Break: Access All Areas – 9:00-10:00pm
Behind-the-scenes documentary on the hit US prison drama. The first episode of Season 3 follows straight after. Contains violent scenes. (Sky 2)

NEW SERIES: Secret Diary Of A Call-Girl – 10:00-10:30pm
First of the eight-part dramatisation, based on the controversial “real-life” diaries of a London call-girl, starring Billie Piper. Contains very strong language, explicit sexual scenes and material of an adult nature. Be warned – this is not easy-viewing! Series continues each Thursday at 10pm, with repeats throughout the week at various times. (ITV2)

NEW SERIES: Brotherhood – 10:00-11:00pm
Repeat of the first Season of the US drama about two brothers: one. a corrupt politician, and the other, a former criminal trying to stay straight. Starring Jason Isaacs. Contains very strong language throughout and violent scenes. (FX)

FILM: Night Of The Demon (PG) – 12:30-1:45am
Classy occult chiller about a scientist who brings to life a demon to get retribution on a colleague he despises. Like “I Walked With A Zombie”, the film is very tame by modern horror standards, but there are enough effectively grim moments, that make it unsuitable for youngsters. Showing in the original 4:3 ratio. (BBC2)

Monday 1st October
Today sees the launch of a brand-new TV channel for Cable, Sky and Freeview viewers. Called “Virgin 1”, the channel will show a mix of US and UK shows, both old and new. They will also air output that has previously aired on Bravo and Living TV. Hopefully, though, they will air everything in the original widescreen format, and not like Living does, in a terribly cropped 1.66:1 format. Channel begins broadcasting tonight from 9pm, on Sky 153, Cable 122, and Freeview 20, and runs 24/7. (Freeview viewers may need to rescan their digiboxes, to locate the channel.)

If you usually record or watch the evening or late-night repeats of this US emergency services drama on FX or FX+, the repeats are no longer airing. Instead, episodes will air once a day at 3pm (or 5pm on FX+) only, but in a heavily-censored format only. (Those of you who have seen Season 4, will know why.)

NEW SERIES: KNTV: Philosophy – 11:30am-Noon
New ten-part documentary series, part live-action and part-animation, that condenses down famous philosophers lives into a 30-minute short film, and explains in simply terms their main theories. Episodes air each weekday at the same time, and the final five episodes air next week. (Channel 4)

Stargate Atlantis Top 10 – 7:00-9:00pm
The top 10 episodes of the popular sci-fi adventure show, as chosen by the fans. Tonight are selections 10 and 9 from the list, with the remainder showing everyday this week, at the same time each night. The most popular episode will air on Friday at 8pm. (Sky 2)

NEW SERIES: Criminal Minds – 9:00-10:00pm
Season 2 of the hard-hitting and sometimes controversial US crime investigative drama comes fresh to Virgin 1, hopefully in Widescreen, and the hunt for the potential killer and kidnapper of one of the team comes to a shocking denouement. Contains some distressing scenes. Episode repeated on Wednesday nights, at 11pm. (Virgin 1)

NEW SERIES: It’s Adam And Shelley! – 9:30-10:00pm
New British comedy sketch show, with two new up-and-coming comedians. What makes the couple different, is that they’re brother and sister! Could be good, or a complete pile of poop, but previews appear pretty favourable. Contains some adult material. Repeated later tonight, between 12:25-12:55am, and then again, throughout the week. (BBC3)

NEW SERIES: The Riches – 10:00-11:00pm
Fresh from the US, comes this intriguing new comedy/drama starring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, as a couple who form a set of Irish Travellers. Izzard is the con-man of the relationship, who is always looking for the easy way in, and out, of every situation his family background leads him into. Contains strong language. Episode repeated later in the week, but no details available at this time. (Virgin 1)

Star Trek: Voyager – 12:00-1:50am
Complete series repeat of the least-loved of the Star Trek franchise, starting tonight with the two-part pilot episode “Caretaker”. Episodes continue most weeknights on Sky 1, but times will vary slightly. (Sky 1)

FILM: Under The Skin (18) – 1:40-3:10am
Shocking and disturbing British drama starring Samantha Morton in her first role, as a teenage drug-addict, and her struggle to cope with life as she descends into a life of prostitution. Harrowing and difficult subject matter, is handled expertly, in this powerful movie. Highly Recommended, but for broadminded viewers only. Contains explicit scenes of sex, drug usage and explicit language throughout. (Channel 4)

NEW SERIES: Bullseye – 4:40-5:30am
Jim Bowen returns, alongside Bully, in repeats of the original, classic ITV Sunday evening darts/pub-quiz gameshow. Check out the fashion sense, and the high-quality prizes. Great retro fun! Episodes air randomly throughout the week. (Virgin 1)

Tuesday 2nd
Knight Rider – 6:00-7:00am

The man with the car that talks, comes to Virgin 1, with the first half of the two-part Pilot Movie. Episodes air at the same time each weekday, with a same-day repeat at 4:00pm. (Virgin 1)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – 3:00-4:00pm
The most popular of the Star Trek franchise, comes to Virgin 1, with the first half of the Pilot Episode “Emissary”. Episodes air at the same time each weekday, with a same-day repeat at 8:00pm. (Virgin 1)

NEW SERIES: A Town Called Eureka – 8:00-10:00pm
Season 2 of this offbeat US sci-fi show, starts off with the first two episodes. Repeated later in the week on both Sky 1 and Sky 2. (Sky 1)

NEW SERIES: Strange – 9:00-10:00pm
Previously shown on BBC1, this short-lived British horror/murder-mystery series starring Richard Coyle and Samantha Janus, comes to the Sci-Fi Channel, starting tonight. (Sci-Fi Channel)

NEW SERIES: The Grumpy Guide To Class – 10:00-10:30pm
Celebrities from all walks of life discuss the distinctly British love/hate relationship about the class system. First of four episodes. Continues next Tuesday night. (BBC2)

NEW SERIES: Dexter – 10:00-11:10pm
Repeat of Season 1, starting right back at the beginning with the first of 12 episodes, where we might Dexter, a serial-killer with a sense of honour and conscience. Bold, bloody and brutal, it’s another excellent US import, but it’s not for the squeamish or easily disturbed. (FX)

NEW SERIES: Sexarama – 10:30-11:00pm
New adult comedy show, about sexual rivalry and revelry, amongst a gang of men and women. Adults only! (Bravo)

NEW SERIES: Entourage – 11:30pm-Midnight
Season 3 of the HBO comedy about four young men trying to make their way in the world of Hollywood, starts tonight, with a repeat of Episode 1. Episodes can then be seen each Thursday night at 10:30pm, with repeats throughout the week. Contains strong language, and sexual material. (ITV2)

Wednesday 3rd
FILM: Dalek: Invasion Earth – 2150AD – 1:55-3:30pm

Enjoyable Dr Who adventure movie with Peter Cushing taking on one of his greatest foes. Contains mild violence, but suitable for children six or older. Showing in a compromised 1.85:1 ratio, rather than the original 2.35:1 format. (Channel 4)

NEW SERIES: Watchdog – 8:00-8:30pm
Nicky Campbell and Julia Bradbury return with a new series investigating the people and companies that try to rip you off. (BBC1)

NEW SERIES: Jericho – 8:00-9:00pm
The “Pilot Episode” from Season 1 of the acclaimed US drama about the after-effects of a nuclear attack, showing for the first time in the UK, in the original Widescreen format that it was made in. All 22 episodes are being aired, and each episode also gets one weekly repeat as well, Thursdays at 9pm. Highly Recommended! (ITV4)

FILM: ‘Crocodile’ Dundee (15) – 9:00-11:05pm
The famous 1986 Australian comedy that introduced the world to comedian Paul Hogan, as Outback adventurer and ladies’ man Mick J ‘Crocodile’ Dundee. Showing uncut, for a change, including the scenes of drug use, the single use of strong language, and all the ribald humour intact! And a glorious music score, too. :) Highly Recommended! (ITV2)

NEW SERIES: The Unit – 9:00-10:00pm
Season 1 of this gritty and realistic drama based on the true-life stories of a secret military operations team who have to handle covert missions around the world. Dennis Haysbert (“24” and “Now And Again” fame) stars as the unit’s leader, in this brilliantly-written show from theatrical playwright David Mamet! Sizzling dialogue, akin to “The West Wing”. Episodes repeated on Friday at the same time. Contains violent scenes. Hopefully showing in Widescreen. :clap: (Virgin 1)

OneLife: Another Brick In The Wall – 10:40-11:20pm
One-off documentary looking at how the children involved in Pink Floyd’s acclaimed music video “Another Brick In The Wall” too their moment of fame, and how they feel about it now, some 30-years later. Contains some strong language. (BBC1)

FILM: Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer (18) – 1:20-3:00am
If you think that you’ve seen every horror movie about serial killers, and have been left wondering what all the fuss is about, I challenge you to view this utterly uncompromising, and truly disturbing docu-drama movie. Michael Rooker gives possibly his finest role ever, as Henry Lee Lucas, the serial killer who killed his mother! From the opening sequence, to the end, this is raw, explicit and utterly horrific viewing, that will shred every nerve in your body! Due to the nature of the film, it is absolutely for strong-stomached adults only, as it contains scenes of grotesque and uncompromising violence, sexual violence, some strong language and deals with a subject matter that is very difficult to handle! Showing complete and uncut, but in the theatrical 1.85:1 format, and not the original format of 4:3, in which the film was actually made. (This means you loose imagery at the top and bottom of the screen!) Pooch’s Recommendation of the week… for the brave! Repeated tomorrow night at 10pm. If this doesn’t disturb you, you have no emotions! :lesson: (ITV4)

Thursday 4th
Dark Shadows – 7:30-9:00pm

Enjoyable 1980’s horror mini-series, that continued the story of the vampire Barnabus, as he tries to decide once and for all, whether he wishes to remain undead, or to commit to being human, with all its foibles. Surprisingly intelligent, with a great part from Italian actress Barbara Steele. This is the feature-length Pilot Movie, with episode one starting tomorrow, and then each Thursday and Friday thereafter, all at 8:00-9:00pm. Worth watching. (Zone Horror)

NEW SERIES: The Life And Times Of Vivienne Vyle – 9:00-9:30pm
First of new six-part British comedy, starring Jennifer Saunders as chat-show host and general interferer, Vivenne Vyle, who finds her guests and her have more than just the show, in common. Initial reviews appear okay, but this sounds like it will be a slow-burner. Contains strong language. (BBC2)

NEW SERIES: Hidden Palms – 9:00-11:00pm
An all-new, glossy US teen-drama from the creator’s of “Dawson’s Creek”. A teenage boy’s life is thrown into disarray after his father commits suicide, and he is left to pick up the pieces. Episodes one and two air tonight back-to-back, with repeats later in the week on both Sky 1 and Sky 2. Showing uncut. First of eight episodes, which suggests the show has been cancelled in the USA already! :eek: Contains some material that is not suitable for younger teenagers. (Sky 1)

NEW SERIES: The Peter Serafinowicz Show – 9:30-10:00pm
First in new comedy sketch show, with a man who has been on and off our screens for many years, but usually in small roles. This is episode one of six. The clips I’ve seen have been quite good, but I don’t know whether or not he will be able to keep up the quality over five more episodes. Contains some adult material. (BBC2)

Friday 5th
NEW SERIES: Ugly Betty – 9:00-10:00pm

Fresh from US transmission just one week ago, Season 2 comes straight to terrestrial TV, which means there is no excuse not to watch the UK broadcasts! :lesson: With Betty’s father stuck in Mexico, it’s down to Betty and her sister to sort things out with the I.N.S., whilst dealing with all the hassles and revelations at Mode Magazine. Will Bradford remain free, whilst his wife rots in prison, or will Betty be able to rectify the situation. First of 26 episodes! :eek: Let’s hope the UK transmission isn’t messed-about too much if the show takes a break in the USA, through the Season’s run. (Channel 4)

24: Day One – 9:00-11:00pm
After a complete 24-hour run of all of Season 1 of the acclaimed TV thriller series, FX gives viewers a more appropriate method to watch the show, in two-hour blocks, each Friday night. Come to CTU and meet Jack Bauer. A man with a loving wife, loving daughter and a good job. But Jack’s life soon turns sour when CTU discover a plot to kill America’s first black president, in a high-profile assassination plot. Jaw-dropping tension permeates the series, and if you’ve never seen the show, or this Season 1 (known as Day 1), then strap yourself into your seat, as the series will blwo you away. A genre-breaking show, that really proved that US TV is the best in the world. (FX)

FILM: Monkey Shines! (18) – 10:55pm-12:50am
Rarely seen since its original cinema release, this is George A Romero’s interesting study of the perils of animal testing, as only the man behind “Night Of The Living Dead” could create. Graphic violence, and disturbing scenes follow in the little-seen horror flick, that was initially slated, but has become recognised as a cult gem, for tackling a provocative issue that many still don’t want to admit to being involved in. (Zone Horror)

NEW SERIES: Numb3rs – 11:00pm-Midnight
Premiere of Season 2 for terrestrial viewers, and we join the FBI team, having lost one member, only to find them replaced with someone they aren’t too keen on. Intelligent and thought-provoking crime-drama that takes a new angle to crime. Contains occasional violent scenes. This is episode 1 of 24, so let’s hope ITV1 don’t mess with the show too much, in their scheduling. :eek: Season 3 should air on ITV3 in the New Year. :cool: (ITV1)

NEW SERIES: Over There – 11:00pm-Midnight
Start of a repeat run of the controversial, but brilliantly played war drama, based around a set of soldiers in Iraq. Some strong scenes of violence make the show very powerful, and heart-wrenching at times, but there is a good deal of morality on show. A very good drama, and worth watching. Such a shame it was canned after just 13 memorable episodes. (Sky 3)

NEW SERIES: Nip/Tuck – Midnight-1:10am
This is actually part-way through the first digital terrestrial showing of Season 4 (already aired earlier in the year on Sky 1), in which Julia and Sean try to reconcile, and opt to have another child; Christian and Matt come to blows, after some shock discoveries, and Troy/Macnamara looks set to be taken over or rendered redundant once and for all. Some adult scenes, strong language, and plenty of medical gore and sex keep this show as controversial as when it first started, but it’s a heady combination of drama and romance, for adult viewers. Recommended if you’ve not already seen it. Season 5 starts in January 2008 on Sky 1. (Sky 3)

And there you have it – 7 pages of new shows and series to keep you all entertained and your DVD recorders filled-up, as the Autumnal nights draw in. The new Season of TV has well and truly started, and I hope that my recommendations will be worth your time and effort.

Until next month (late-October or early-November), stay safe and have fun! :smashin:



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Wot no Murphys Law on BBC1 9pm October 1st??

A shocking ommission Pooch ;-)

Cheers for that post, great stuff!



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Hi Creashor,

Thanks for the kind comments. :) As for not listing "Murphy's Law", you'll find I tend to concentrate on lesser-known shows, and stuff that most people may miss unless they scan their TV guides really closely. (Which is how my "Coming Up On TV" posts started in the first place. ;) )

Major BBC shows like "Spooks", "Murphy's Law" get enough promotion without me including them, but shows like "The Riches" or "The Black Donnellys" would probably go unnoticed, as they tend to be buried in the lesser-watched channels, and don't tend to get as much promotion, if any at all.

I know that means I am going to have a certain bias towards US shows, but that is the main aim of my "Coming Up On TV" posts - to highlight stuff that would otherwise go unnoticed by most people, irrespective of what channel it may be on. If the show is buried in the late-night schedules, or on lesser-kinown channels, then my intention is to get it noticed to AV Forums members, so that the ratings give the show a necessary boost!

You'd be surprised how much good stuff is on TV, but half of the time, it's so deeply hidden amongst all the dross, it doesn't get the attention it deserves! :lesson: Think of it, as me championing the underdogs of the UK TV schedules. :D



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Star Trek: Voyager – 12:00-1:50am
Complete series repeat of the least-loved of the Star Trek franchise, starting tonight with the two-part pilot episode “Caretaker”. Episodes continue most weeknights on Sky 1, but times will vary slightly. (Sky 1)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – 3:00-4:00pm
The most popular of the Star Trek franchise, comes to Virgin 1, with the first half of the Pilot Episode “Emissary”. Episodes air at the same time each weekday, with a same-day repeat at 8:00pm. (Virgin 1)
DS9 was definitely the edgiest, darkest and, in my view and many others, the best of the Trek series, with superb acting and writing .... though it certainly wasn't the most popular. That would still have to be TNG. I believe even Voyager got higher ratings, and Rick Berman treated DS9 like a neglected middle child, but at least he left better people to steer the show, while he went on to frig up the franchise with two poor TNG movies, Voyager and Enterprise (generally considered the 'least-loved' rather than Voyager)


Welcome back Pooch. Just finished "Dirt" and "The Shield" (which was excellent) so it's nice to know what's coming up this autumn ;-)


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This is just the kind of thing i have been looking for. I hate hearing about a good series that suddenly attracts attention half way into the series when its too late to start watching. I'll be checking this post every week. What day will it be updated?


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Martyates77 - This post is normally created by myself once a month, usually towards the end or beginning of a month, depending on when I can get it written-up! These threads by me, are always called "Coming Up On TV In...." and then the month(s) I've got listed.

As these posts take me anywhere between 2-6 hours to write, I simply can't devote the necessary time to do it every week, though I have tried to do this in the past. Originally, the posts weren't that long, but now, the posts tend to be around 7-8 sides of typed A4, which, I'm sure you can imagine, is a lot of material to go through.

Anyway, the next post will be posted towards the end of this month, or in the first few days in November. Just keep an eye on the AV Forums "TV Programmes" thread, and look for the stickies/Read First, and that's where you'll find them. For a look at old threads, to see the stuff I cover, and the amount of detail there is in them, just have a look through here. :)

Lastly, thanks to you and Binning for your kind comments! :clap:


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