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Aug 28, 2000
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Hello Everyone,

For those who don't know, or have never seen one before, I used to write monthly suggestions of what to watch on TV. The difference to any other TV guide/review system that can be found in a hundred-and-one other places, was that I specifically selected obscure, unusual, and cult recommendations: stuff that would often be buried deep in the schedules, where few would find some of the wonderful, bizarre but always interesting little gems.

My intention was simple: to recommend to others, material that I wish someone would tell me about. So, in this guide, which will be long and detailed, and will cover the period of Saturday 20th December 2008 until Friday 2nd January 2009 inclusive, I intend to list material that you probably may not know about, or would normally miss. Whilst some mainstream material is always included, there will also be plenty of more offbeat and obscure material too.

Without further ado, I hereby present to you my Coming Up On TV Guide for December 08/January 09! Enjoy! :)

Where possible, I will try to list repeats of any shows. However, I can't guarantee that all repeats will be listed here. Therefore, please keep an eye on your usual TV listings guide. Also, details in this list were correct at the time of publication. Things may change between now, and the intended date of transmission. Whenever I can, I will keep any schedule changes and notify you all of them, in other posts later on in this thread. Details of HD screenings are not normally listed, as these don't always tie-in to the main transmissions. But many channels now do have HD schedules, so you may wish to check with the appropriate channels, to see if a specific show listed here, is also going out in HD. All schedules follow the standard 6am to 6am newspaper format, so if a show is advertised as being on at 4:30am on Christmas Eve, it means it's showing very late on Christmas Eve night / the early hours of Christmas Day, NOT at 4:30am on Christmas Eve morning! (Hope that makes sense! :eek: ) Lastly, all material is in Widescreen, unless otherwise detailed.

Saturday 20th December
11:00-11:50am – Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest
Repeat of the one-off animated Doctor Who storyline, featuring David Tennant and Frema Agyeman, as the two search for a legendary lost spaceship. Features the original cast from the live-action series, this isn't as awful as it sounds. The animation's reasonable, and the storyline's quite pacey, but don't expect too much depth. This was aimed at younger “Doctor Who” fans! (BBC2)

11:50am-1:00pm – FILM: The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG)
Superb model animation from Tim Burton, about a Halloween ghoul who discovers the wonder of Christmas. Superb anti-Christmas fairytale is probably too dark for the under-8's, but for everyone else, it's a sublime fantasy. Highly Recommended. Should be airing uncut. (BBC2)

1:30-3:30pm – FILM: Miracle On 34th Street (U)
The original black and white version of the Christmas story, about the search for the real Father Christmas, starring Edmund Gwenn and John Payne. (More4)

9:00pm-1:50am – Black Books: Complete Series 1
A chance to see the darkly funny world of Bernard and Manny, as they deal with life in a secondhand book shop. All six episodes showing back-to-back. (Paramount Comedy 2)

10:00-11:15pm – Dara O'Briain Live!
Outstanding performance by Irish comic Dara O'Briain, as he unleashes his fast-talking wit on the Theatre Royal audience of Drury Lane in London. Contains strong language, but it's very, very funny! (Paramount Comedy)

11:35pm-1:50am – FILM: Cache (aka Hidden) (15)
Dark, brooding adult thriller starring Juliette Binoche and Daniel Auteil, as a couple who begin to receive secretly shot camcorder tapes of their private lives, which progress into more sinister territory as time goes on. When the tapes become ever more intimate and intrusive, they also begin to reveal a disturbing secret from one of the couple's previous life, leading to devastating consequences. Shocking, disturbing and uncompromising French drama from the always provocative director Michael Haneke. Contains adult themes and content. In French with English Subtitles. (Channel 4)

1:20-2:35am – FILM: Duel (PG)
Steven Spielberg's first film, about the unrelenting annoyance of a car driven by a travelling salesman (Dennis Weaver), being menaced by a convoy truck. This is the original, slightly-shorter, US TV movie, as it was originally shown back in 1971, and hence is in the correct, original 4:3 ratio. (ITV1)

Sunday 21st
9:00-10:00am – The Sarah Jane Adventures

Repeat of the Pilot Episode “Invasion Of The Bane” where we get to meet an older, wiser Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen), one-time ex-assistant of a certain TV Doctor. The story's not the most original, but it's a fun fantasy for the less-discerning viewer. (BBC2)

Midday-5:30pm – Riverdance Day
Documentaries looking at the phenomenon that is “Riverdance”, from its humble seven-minute beginnings at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, to the various incarnations of the show around the world. Ideal viewing for fans who may be going to see the last ever performances of this hit stage show early on in 2009, before it fades away forever! (Sky 3)

NEW: 3:25-4:55pm – Dustbin Baby
Powerful Children's BBC drama, based on a story by acclaimed children's novelist Jacqueline Wilson, about a teenage girl who sets out to find why she was left and abandoned forever, in a dustbin as a newborn baby. Ideal for older children and adults, and should certainly be one of the fortnight's more worthy shows for families to get their teeth and brain into. (BBC1)

3:45-6:00pm – FILM: E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial (U)
A great fantasy film, but here, ITV has plumped to show a censored, badly re-formatted 1.66:1 Widescreen print of the botched re-release from about 3 years ago, featuring modified special effects, and some truly naff “censorship”, courtesy of director Steven Spielberg, to remove some of the 1980's American fascination with guns! Avoid this version at all costs! A travesty of the 1983 original! Censored to remove violence, bad language and to tone down some of the more emotive scenes. In other words, it's an ITV Cut-To-Crap Christmas Movie Special! :rotfl: (ITV1)

5:00-5:30pm – The Simpsons: 24 Minutes
A Simpsons pastiche on the TV series “24”. (Sky 1)

NEW: 7:45-9:00pm – Lark Rise To Candleford
Special Christmas edition, bridging the gap from the end of Series 1, into the beginning of Series 2, of the classic period drama. (Series 2 will start in January 2009.) If you enjoyed the first series, this is more of the same. (BBC1)

9:00-10:50pm – Battlestar Galactica: Razor
Feature-length movie episode of the hit US sci-fi drama, that bridges the gap between Season 3 and Season 4. (Sky 2)

9:00-11:00pm – FILM: Bad Santa (15)
Gloriously tasteless comedy about a department store Santa, who is anything but fatherly, when it comes to the customers and the children. With the constant crying of infants, the demands of their parents, and the hassles from his boss, Santa (Billy Bob Thornton) struggles to make it through the day. However, with the addition of booze, some drugs, and a lot of dubious comments, he finds that being bad is actually quite good. His superiors, though, feel otherwise. It's crass, gross, sexist, and tacky, but it just about works. Contains adult sexual humour, bad taste jokes, and strong language, amongst much other material that is likely to offend. This is not for the easily offended! Showing in the original Cinema Version. (Fiver)

NEW: 9:30-10:00pm – The Simpsons: Love, Springfieldian Style
UK Premiere! Special adult-only episode of the hit US animated comedy, that is considered too risque and sexually crude to be shown before the Watershed! Homer, Bart and Marge discuss and critique some of the world's best love stories, in their own inimitable fashion! Contains adult material, suitable only for over-15's! (Sky 1)

9:35-10:25pm – Family Guy: Blue Harvest
The two-part spoof of “Star Wars”, in traditional Family Guy style, showing in one feature-length special. Contains adult humour. (BBC3)

Midnight-12:30am - 30 Rock
Five is repeating Season 1 of the gentle US comedy series, starring Tina Fey as Liz Lemon, a disastrous TV executive producer, trying to keep her personal and career life from imploding, via the assorted disasters that make up her colleagues and friends. Very popular show in the USA, but for UK viewers, it's simply not as funny as it thinks it is. Some fun episodes, but very hit and miss. The rest of the series follows most nights, around the same time. Season 2 is expected in the New Year. (Five)

12:30-1:25am – Prison Break
Repeat of Season 2 of the outstanding US penal drama, before it got cruelly nicked and put in the clink, courtesy of Sky! :thumbsdown Episodes air nightly, around the same time. (Five)

1:00-2:00am – Dragons' Den: The Dragons' Stories
Repeat of the documentary series, showcasing each of the five Dragons, detailing how each one came to be where they are today. Theo Paphitis' airs tonight, with the remainder of the series showing on Christmas Eve (1:40am), 29th (1:35am), Jan 1st (1:30am) and 2nd (1:15am) respectively.

Monday 22nd
NEW: 6:00-8:00am – Taken
Sci-Fi Channel showing of the Steven Spielberg produced ten-episode TV mini-series, about a group of alien abductees. Episodes continue every day at the same time, until the end of December. Expect some censorship, however, as the original series was BBFC rated with a 15 certificate, and the BBC aired this at 9pm at night! (Sci-Fi)

7:30-9:05am – FILM: Big Top Pee-Wee (PG)
Caustic, and sometimes very risque family comedy, about US TV presenter character Pee-Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) who discovers a circus has blown onto his farm one night, during a storm. Directed by Randal “Grease” Kleiser, this is actually a great film, for people who like their comedies dark, mature and very, very surreal. Think of a bizarre cross between “Sesame Street” and “The Magic Roundabout”, but with humans rather than puppets, and you have a sort of idea of what this movie is like. Although a PG certificate, there is some quite adult humour and sinister overtones, which makes the film unsuitable for younger audiences. Highly Recommended if you enjoy weird! (Channel 4)

8:00-9:00pm – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
A welcome repeat of an outstanding Season 1 episode, entitled “Unfriendly Skies”. In this self-contained storyline, a man dies whilst in mid-flight on a normal US passenger airline journey. Once the plane lands, his body is removed, and all the passengers are quarantined onboard. It's not long, though, when the CSI's discovers the deceased has been murdered. With some 20 other passengers all telling the same, single story, however, Grissom and his crew have trouble deciding what really happened. A truly stunning episode, with a thoughtful and controversial ending, that posits a scenario that will make all viewers consider it, long after the episode ends. Contains some violence. Highly Recommended. (Five US)

8:30-10:20pm – FILM: The Brothers Grimm (12)
The enfant-terrible of US Independent cinema, Terry Gilliam, showcases his wonderfully anarchic take on the German storytelling siblings, from their late-teens as hoax exorcists, through to their fame as world-renowned authors. Contains some adult themes and bad language. (BBC2)

NEW: 9:00-9:30pm – QI Christmas Special
The always astounding and outstanding comedy quiz panel show, moves to BBC1, for the first time in six series', taking a distinctly warped look at the season's festivities! Some adult humour and bad language. Also repeated at 10pm on Tuesday 30th. (BBC1)

NEW: 9:00-10:30pm – Comedy Songs
A look at the enduring love-hate relationship of the comedy song, from naff hits like The Birdy Song and Agadoo, through to more stylish and loved renditions of The Chicken Song, The Life Of Brian, and groups like The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. (BBC4)

10:00-10:30pm – South Park
It's South Park, but not as you know it. In this gloriously twisted Christmas Special, Mr Hankey showcases some of his favourite Christmas Tunes! Contains adult humour and bad language throughout. (Paramount Comedy)

SCHEDULE CHANGE – 10:20-11:05pm – Heroes
For one week only, “Heroes” moves forward, from its usual Wednesday night transmission time of 9pm, to a late-night showing on a Monday. HD and BBC3 transmissions are also affected. See your usual TV Listings guides for further details. The Sunday night repeat, is, however, not affected! (BBC2, BBC3, BBC-HD)

NEW: 11:00-11:45pm – TOTP2
First in a new series of eight special episodes of the Top Of The Pops 2 music show. Classic performances from the 40-plus year history of the show, alongside some new and rarely seen material are nicely combined. Further episodes showing late-nights across the next couple of weeks. See your usual TV Listings Guide for further details. The TOTP2 Christmas Special shows tomorrow night. (BBC2)

NEW: 11:00pm-Midnight – Timshift: The Comedy Song
Some of the best and worst comedy songs. Some adult material. (BBC4)

Midnight-12:30am – Flight Of The Conchords: One Night Stand
Sublime concert, showcasing the musical talents of the two Canadian comedians from the hit HBO TV comedy series of the same name. Very funny, and decidedly off-kilter. Highly Recommended! (BBC4)

Tuesday 23rd
NEW: 7:30-9:00pm – TOTP2 Christmas Special

The best (and occasionally worst) of Christmas music, from the past 50 years of Pop. (BBC2)

NEW: 9:45-10:15pm – Mock The Week: Outtakes And Unseen
Previously unseen and uncensored footage from the adult comedy quiz show. Expect some strong language and adult humour, that may offend. (BBC2)

NEW: 10:00-11:00pm – Prison Break
The final episode of Season 4, for the time being. Season 4 will continue on Sky 1, but not until March 2009 at the earliest! (Sky 1)

NEW: 10:15-10:55pm – Lead Balloon Christmas Special
The final episode of Series 3, and an extended one at that, has Rick Spleen (Jack Dee) trying to avoid ridicule, when he appears in a local Christmas Panto. Not everything goes according to plan, and Spleen finds himself in situations even he can't lie his way out of! (BBC2)

2:20-3:35am – FILM: The Christmas Tale (18)
Spanish horror movie short, as some youngsters go roaming in their local woods, only to find a wounded woman dressed-up in a Santa costume, bleeding heavily. Macabre and brooding shocks, with strong scenes of violence, and some strong language. In Spanish with English Subtitles. The film runs for 75m, and will end at 3:35am, and not 3:30am as listed in most TV Listings guides! Beware of this, if you plan to record this film! (BBC2)

Wednesday 24th – Christmas Eve
3:00-3:30pm – The Snowman

It wouldn't be Christmas without this charming animated fairytale, based on the Raymond Briggs short story. Let's just hope that Channel 4 air the original 4:3 version, and not the hard-formatted Widescreen print, that lops-off the top and bottom parts of the original picture, resulting in a less than spectacular viewing experience! :eek: (Channel 4)

4:10-5:45pm – FILM: Sky High (PG)
Comedy superhero fantasy, starring Kurt Russell, in which junior superheroes are sent off to a special training school, where they learn to hone their powers, sometimes with unexpected consequences. (BBC1)

NEW: 7:30-8:00pm – Shrek The Halls
Turgid little festive animation, starring Shrek and his co-stars from the hit film series. This went straight to DVD in the UK, and with shabby animation, and a lame story that goes nowhere fast, this is one Shrek tale you may prefer to avoid! (BBC1)

10:00pm-Midnight – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Another chance to see the excellent Season 5 cliff-hanger, “Grave Danger” in which Nick Stokes is incarcerated in a camera-equipped coffin, in which he will slowly die, unless the CSI's can solve a devious series of clues. Standout two-parter directed by Quentin Tarantino. Contains strong violence and distressing scenes. (Living)

12:20-2:15am – FILM: Black Christmas (18)
Beautifully-crafted 1974 horror-comedy from director Bob Clarke, who went on to make “Porky's”. Olivia Hussey and Margot Kidder star in this chilling little movie, as a group of female students and their house “mother” are menaced by a series of threatening phone-calls from a stranger. As they investigate who is making the calls, members of their little clique start disappearing, and reappearing – minus parts of their bodies! Grim and occasionally nasty, but with a great and intelligent storyline, this may just keep you up all-night into the safety of Christmas Day! Avoid the god-awful remake, from a couple of years ago, that removed all the shocks, but piled on the gore and nudity instead. Contains strong language, some nudity, and some gory violence. (Channel 4)

1:00-3:05am – FILM: Swimming Pool (15)
Innovative European drama starring Charlotte Rampling as a mystery writer who goes to her publicist's secluded villa to write one more book, only to discover his dark-horse, semi-estranged daughter living there, without his permission. When a man enters the two women's lives, and a murder results, they are forced to decide what to do with the body, whilst trying to retain some semblance of a normal life, in the local, close-knitted community. But not everything is how it should be, and an erotic relationship forms between them. Provocative thriller, with great performances from all. Mainly in English, with some scenes in French with English Subtitles. Contains strong language and some violence. (Film4)

3:20-4:55am – FILM: Good Guys Wear Black (18)
Dire Chuck Norris martial-arts movie, as Norris investigates the truth behind his unit's final mission at the tail-end of the Vietnam War. Silly, badly acted, and full of dialogue almost as wooden as the Chuckster himself, this just about passes muster for its violent 1970's action scenes, involving lots of bullets and lots of beating-up of bad guys. Fun, if you're in the mood for something very, very dumb, but about as rotten as the remains of a Turkey carcass on New Year's Eve! (Five)

Christmas Day –Season's Greetings, Everyone! :clap:
NEW: Cecil B DeMille: American Epic – 1:55-3:10pm
First of a two-part documentary about the godfather of epic cinema, Cecil B DeMille, who is most famous for “The Ten Commandmants” and the original “Ben Hur”! Part 2 airs tomorrow at 1:20pm. (More 4)

3:00-8:00pm – Third Watch
Another chance to see the final five episodes that conclude Season 6 of this much-loved US drama series, based around the Emergency Services, before it came to its dramatic finale. Musician Wyclef Jean guest-stars as a local gang leader, out to make his mark on the Camelot Precinct… with explosive and devastating results for everyone! Contains several scenes of action-oriented violence. (FX)

4:30-5:45pm – FILM: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit (PG)
It wouldn't be a truly British Christmas, without the tireless inventor and his faithful sidekick! This is the film that brought the comedy duo to the big-screen, and it doesn't disappoint. A mysterious creature is stealing all the prize-winning vegetables. So it's down to “Anti-Pesto”, to save the town from the veggie-mad critter. But all is not as it seems, and the DIY duo find themselves in a truly hare-raising situation… quite literally! Peppered with classic horror movie moments, from “King Kong” to “Frankenstein”, “The Wicker Man” and even “The Evil Dead”, this animated comedy is simply cracking! Young or old, hard-core film-fan or casual cinemagoer, there's something for everyone to enjoy, and one of a few films that can be watched over-and-over, without losing any of its wit, sophistication and intelligence. A perfect Christmas treat. See how many in-jokes and gags you can spot, as there are many! Second only to “A Matter Of Loaf And Death”, showing later tonight on BBC1. Contains one use of a mild swearword, some mild toilet-humour, and comedic horror overtones. Highly Recommended! Showing uncut, but with truncated credits to reduce the 81 minute running time into a 75 minute time-slot. :mad: (BBC1)

NEW: 6:00-7:00pm – Doctor Who
The first of three special episodes, being shown between now and 2010, which will take us up to the start of Series 5. Tonight, we're introduced to the new “Doctor Who”. But this is no ordinary “Doctor”, these are no ordinary Cybermen, and this is not just any Christmas Day. Nope, our hero is thrust back in time, to December 25th, 1851, and when he meets a man who also claims to be The Doctor, something clearly isn't right. The Guest Star is Dervla Kerwin, as Miss Hartigan, who is doing a deadly deal with the Doctor's robotic enemies. But is she aiding or abetting them. Only one of them really knows, and which Doctor is she doing the deal for? The next “Special” will air Easter 2009, followed by a final story to be shown next Christmas. (BBC1)

6:45-9:00pm – FILM: Memoirs Of A Geisha (12)
Beautiful to look at, but emotionally hollow film version of the stunning historical novel by Arthur Golden, about the life of a Japanese Geisha girl during World War II. This should be a joyous and powerful piece of drama, but what you get is a terribly weak “Hollywoodisation” of what it thinks Japan might have been like, and there's some really hammy acting and misplaced casting. Acceptable viewing, but only if you've got nothing else to be doing. Avoid this if you've read the novel, as you'll never forgive yourself otherwise. In English, but with some occasional scenes in Japanese with English Subtitles. Repeated on Fiver on Saturday 27th December, at 6:20pm. Contains mature themes, and some distressing material that is not suitable for under-12's. (Five)

7:00-7:50pm – Blackadder's Christmas Carol
Dated but hilariously wicked take on the Charles Dicken's seasonal classic novella. Ebenezer Blackadder and his faithful (if useless) servant Baldrick discover that money and goodwill only goes so far in life. But when Ebenezer is visited by ghostly apparitions, showing how previous and future ancestors of his turned out, he suddenly realises that being good isn't all it's cracked up to be. In fact, being bad is better. Much better, until that is, the King and Queen come to visit you, to offer you a Special Christmas Wish for all your good deeds! Considering this was made back in 1988, this is one of those shows that is still hilarious and evil enough to guarantee plenty of laughs. Like many good comedies, there is lots of quotable dialogue, some great comedy performances especially from Robbie Coltrane and Miriam Mogoyles. It's also a comedy that should become a rite-of-passage for all young teenagers to watch and enjoy! It may even spur them on to read the source novel. The finale of this episode, is sublime, and merits mentioning alone, out of the rest of this stellar special episode! Highly Recommended! Contains some bad language and risque humour, but nothing truly awful to get wound-up over. (BBC2)

NEW: 8:30-9:00pm – Wallace & Gromit: A Matter Of Loaf And Death
For the first time in 13 years, the Aardman Animation characters return to the small screen, and the British Nation cheers in unison! :D Yes, they're back, and this time, they're baking! Time has moved on, since we last left Wallace & Gromit, and “Anti-Pesto”. The duo have retired, and now run a very successful, local bakery. All is going well, until a murderer goes on a rampage… but a killer who targets only bakers? Can the duo solve the case in time? And what will happen when Wallace meets his new love-interest? Is love truly blind, or just a little short-sighted? This will almost certainly be the one show that everyone will watch this Christmas, and you can guarantee that the Beeb will win the Christmas Day ratings way, by a landslide. (ITV is offering up “Harry Potter 3” and specials of “Dancing On Ice” and “Coronation Street” against our Lancashire pals. It's a no-brainer!) (BBC1)

NEW: 8:30-9:30pm – Dragons' Den: Around The World
A look behind and in-front of the cameras, at the various versions of “Dragons Den” from around the world, including Peter Jones' own US variant “American Inventor” currently showing on Virgin 1. Repeated on 30th December at 7pm. (BBC2)

NEW: 9:30-10:30pm – The Royle Family
A new one-off Christmas Special, for the famous TV family. Contains some strong language.

10:00pm-12:30am – FILM: 30 Days Of Night (18)
Gory vampire film, based on the acclaimed comic-book series by Steve Bissett, as a vampire sect bears down on a remote Alaskan town, to cause havoc. Graphic violence, strong language and plenty of adult material. (Bravo)

10:00-11:00pm – Law And Order: Special Victims Unit
The 200th episode of the long-running spin-off US crime drama, focusing on sexually-based offences. To mark the special event, Robin Williams plays against grain, in a scene-stealing role as an evil deviate. Contains adult themes and mature content. Powerful and uncomforting drama. (Hallmark)

NEW: 1030-11:35pm – Blackadder Rides Again
Celebrating 25 years of the much-loved British historical comedy series, starring Rowan Atkinson, giving his first onscreen interview about the character that become a British anti-hero. See classic scenes and all-new interviews with cast members from all four generations of the show. Contains some strong language, hence the late time-slot. (BBC1)

10:35-1130pm – Pulse: Pink Floyd Live In Concert
A recording of the seminal rock group from 1994, performing tracks from their multi-award winning album “Dark Side Of The Moon”. Repeated 26th December at 10:35am. (Sky Arts 1)

10:35pm-12:20am – FILM: La Belle Et La Bete (U)
Jean Cocteau's French cinema classic of “Beauty And The Beast”, from 1946. Far superior to the dire Disney animation. In French with English Subtitles. Showing in the original 4:3 aspect ratio, in black and white. Also showing tomorrow afternoon at 2pm, and again on Sunday 28th December at 5:25pm. (Sky Arts 2)

NEW: 11:30pm-Midnight – Gavin & Stacey: The 12 Days Of Christmas
Christmas Special of the award-winning BBC3 comedy. (BBC3)

12:50-2:50am – FILM: The Seventh Seal (PG)
Ingmar Bergman's literate and dream-like period drama about a knight returning from the Crusades, who challenges Death to a chess match, in order to gain redemption. Challenging European cinema classic. In Swedish with English Subtitles. (Film4)

4:00-4:10am – Supporting Act
Short documentary about the people who helped voice-coach the cast for the recent mammoth “Lord Of The Rings” film trilogy. (Channel 4)

Friday 26th - Boxing Day
12:20-1:25pm – Domino Day 2008

Repeat of the recently televised Netherlands World Domino Toppling Challenge. Although the two hosts' narration is awful, the actual domino-toppling is worth watching. (Five)

1:00-3:00pm – Futurama: Bender's Big Score
The direct-to-DVD feature showing in one complete episode. Also showing, at 5:30pm today, “The Beast With A Billion Backs” as a second, feature-length episode. Both episodes may have censorship cuts, to render them suitable for daytime transmission. “Bender's Big Score” also airs on Saturday 27th, 3:30-5:30pm. (Sky 1)

NEW: 4:00-8:00pm – The Curse Of King Tut's Tomb
US mini-series, showing here in one gigantic behemoth of a movie, starring Casper Van Dien as an adventurer out investigating for tomb of King Tutankhamun, in 1920's Egypt. Some mild violence and dramatic moments make this unsuitable for under-12's. Repeated twice on Movies 24 on Monday 29th December, from 10:30am or 2:30am respectively. (Hallmark)

9:00pm-12:05am – Rab C Nesbitt: Christmas Specials
Specially selected episodes from the hit Scottish comedy series, featuring festive fun, frolics and a little bit of filth too, with the Glaswegian drunkard! (Paramount 2)

10:00pm-12:40am – The Greatest Ever 1980's Movies
For those of you in your 20's to 40's, here's the chance to relive some of the best and worst moments from classic 1980's movies. Contains some strong language, some adult material, some violence and gore, and some sexual material too. (Five)

10:00-11:30pm – FILM: The King Of Kong (PG)
Documentary about computer game fanboys from around the world who will do nothing to become the absolute champion at all kinds of classic coin-operated games, like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. Also showing on 27th at 10am and 4pm respectively. Contains some swearing. (Sky Arts 1)

10:50pm-12:05am – FILM: Vampyr (PG)
Existential German horror classic as a young man succumbs to dark hallucinations, whilst journeying to a strange castle in Central Europe, which houses a terrible secret. In black and white. A silent movie, with English Intertitles. Repeated on Sunday 28th December at 4:05pm. Contains material that will be unsuitable for younger audiences. (Sky Arts 2)

3:30-3:45am – BBC3 Animation Award
Start of the annual BBC Animation Awards. May contain material not suitable for children. (BBC3)

Saturday 27th
NEW: 5:00-6:25pm – John Adams

First terrestrial showing of this flawed, but fascinating US historical drama, based on the life and times of John Adams, one of America's Founding Fathers. First in a seven part series, continuing throughout the remainder of the holiday. Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney star. (Channel 4)

6:05-9:40pm / 11:30pm-1:10am – FILM: King Kong Comparison Night!
Watch both the remake and the original, of the awesome movie “King Kong”. The remake airs at 6:05pm on ITV2, whilst the original airs at 11:30pm on BBC4.

NEW: 8:00-11:30pm – University Challenge Night
Documentaries, films and behind-the-scenes material are just some of the highlights celebrating 44 years of the cerebral quiz based on academia. At 8pm “The Story So Far” discusses the show's history, including interviews with famous contestants. At 9pm, another chance to see the Comic Relief U.C. Special. Then, at 9:30pm, James McAvoy stars in the British comedy-drama “Starter For Ten” (15), set in 1985, and following two students who are entered into the popular quiz, only for one of them to fall in love with their quiz partners. Desperate to impress, he tries for the spotlight of winning the quiz, via his love of knowledge. But love is not as easy to score points for. Contains some strong language, and adult moments. Then, at 11:00pm, it's that episode of “The Young Ones”, as Rik, Vvyan, Mike and Neil are thrust into the spotlight, on the popular quiz show, and excelling at everything, in the worst ways possible. Very funny stand-alone episode of the hit comedy series that is endlessly rewatchable, as the time it was originally broadcast. (BBC2)

NEW: 9:00-10:35pm – Bring Back “Fame”
The West Country Hairball is back again, as Justin Lee-Collins goes off on another trans-Atlantic search to reunite cast and crew of the popular 1980's movie and TV series “Fame”, set around the life and dreams of a group of dance students in New York. If you've seen Collins' other “Bring Back…” shows, then you'll know what to expect. May contain some strong language. (Channel 4)

NEW: 10:00-10:30pm – A Question Of Sport: Sin-Bin Special
Late-night, uncensored outtakes, goofs, gaffes and other unseen material from the popular sports quiz, that could never be shown in the pre-Watershed series. Contains bad language, crude humour and some adult material. (BBC1)

10:00pm-1:15am – Peep Show
A chance to see all of Series 5 back-to-back. Contains strong language and adult humour. (E4)

10:00pm-12:15am – FILM: Wild Orchid (18)
Erotic adult drama with Mickey Rourke (back in the days when he didn't look like a human punchbag), and his then girlfriend, model Carre Otis, as they embark on a sexually-charged but ultimately doomed relationship, that takes them on a tour of Rio De Janero, alongside another equally doomed couple. Surprisingly powerful and worthwhile movie, with a stunning world music score. Unsurprisingly, this film contains some strong language, scenes of sexual nature, and material that makes it suitable for adults only. Avoid all of the direct-to-DVD sequels, however, as they are universally woeful! Recommended. (Virgin 1)

NEW: 10:30-11:30pm – The RKO Story
First of a new six-part documentary, looking at the famous RKO film studios. Episodes continue each day, (except New Year's Eve), at approximately 11pm each night, and episodes are usually followed by a classic RKO movie. (BBC4)

12:10-1:40am – FILM: This Filthy World (15)
US independent director, and sleaze-master John Waters (of “Pink Flamingos”, “Hairspray!” and “Pecker” fame) stars in his theatrical stand-up show, discussing and debating cinema, comedy and all things camp. Risque stuff, but also very funny! Contains very strong language, and adult material that may offend. (Sky Arts 1)

1:00-2:15am – FILM: Richard Pryor – Live In Concert (18)
Relentlessly foul-mouthed stand-up comedy from the black US comedian, as he details his semi-autobiographical life, including his many abuses of drugs, and meetings with the police, whilst trying to remain a devout family man raising his children. Explicit adult language throughout, including material of a racist and sexist nature, that many may find offensive. This comedy for adults only! (BBC2)

Sunday 28th
10:05am-12:05pm – FILM: Howl's Moving Castle (U)

Japanese animation from the world-renowned Studio Ghibli (“Princess Mononoke”, “My Neighbour Totoro” and “Spirited Away”), as they go for an adaptation of the classic British children's fantasy story from Dianne Wynn-Jones, about an 18-year old girl who loses her heart to an evil wizard. Upon losing it, she is turned into an old lady, rapidly dying, and goes on a mysterious quest to gain her heart and youthfulness once more, before she passes away into nothingness. A challenging tale for sure, but with the beautiful work of animator Hayao Miyazaki behind it, children and adults should get a real kick out of this. Showing in the US English-dubbed version, with Christian Bale and Emily Mortimer as the two leads. Not Ghibli's best movie, but still a darn sight better than your average guff churned out by Disney! Contains mature themes and some scary moments, that parents may not want the very young to see. (BBC2)

NEW: 4:00-7:00pm – Gerry Anderson Afternoon
Three hours of enjoyably light fluff, allowing adults to rekindle their youth, when puppet shows meant only one man's works: that of Gerry Anderson. At 4pm, a previously lost episode of “Stingray” gets its first terrestrial airing. A disappointing episode, but still worth watching to see what might have been the show's true finale. At 5:10pm, “All About Thunderbirds” is the hour-long documentary, previously shown on BBC4, all about the real-life cast and crew who created the famous puppet adventure series. Great interviews, and some really fascinating old behind-the-scenes footage, show just how much creativity and effort went into making each week's adventure seem as realistic as possible. Watch out for old footage of special effects expert Derek Meddings, who also went on to work on various Bond movies. Then, finally, at 6:10pm, a chance to see a specially-selected episode of “Thunderbirds”: “Attack Of The Alligators” mixed live-action footage of real alligators, alongside the popular puppet cast. Filming the two together, was a nightmare for all concerned, but the result is stunning to see, even against modern TV shows. The two “Thunderbirds” cinema movies, can be seen on Channel 4, tomorrow morning and Tuesday morning. See relevant entries, in this list. (BBC2)

8:30-10:30pm – Children Of Dune (15)
First in a three-part showing of the US Sci-Fi Channel's mini-series adapting Frank Herbert's complex and critically-acclaimed sci-fi novels in the “Dune” series. Although the second mini-series to be made, this covers books two and three in the novel line. Continues tomorrow and on Tuesday at the same time. Alec Neuman and Susan Sarandon star. Contains some violence, brief nudity, and some bad language. (Movies 24)

Monday 29th
7:20-9:05am – FILM: Thunderbirds Are Go! (U)

For their first cinema outing, the Tracy Brothers have to go on another daring mission, but this time, on a much bigger scale! Exciting, rivetting adventure movie for old and young, and (hopefully) showing in the original Cinemascope ratio too! The sequel, “Thunderbird 6” shows tomorrow morning at 7:10am. (Channel 4)

1:40-5:20pm – Sword Of Xanten (12)
Stunningly filmed trans-European TV mini-series, loosely based on Wagner's “Ring Cycle” operatic quartet, about a humble blacksmith who is sent on a quest to capture a fabled sword, and search out a mythical creature that is destroying a far-away land. Benno Furrman, Kristanna Loken and Max Von Sydow, are amongst a stellar cast who bring the story to life. This is the original two-part mini-series showing as one massive movie. The UK DVD release is slightly longer. Highly Recommended if you want to see where J.R.R. Tolkien took his “Lord Of The Rings” story from! Dark and brooding, with some violence, and brief nudity. (Sci-Fi)

6:15-7:15pm – Joanna Lumley In The Land Of The Northern Lights
Repeat of the acclaimed documentary, with Joanna Lumley completing a much-desired challenge to travel to the top of the world – the farthest, most Northerly point of Norway - and see the Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis)! (BBC2)

7:15-8:00pm – NEW: The Royal Institute Christmas Lectures 2008
First in a series of five festive lectures, presented by Professor Chris Bishop. This one looks at the history of the humble home PC, and in particular the microprocessor. Also repeated late tonight at 5:15am, with in-vision Signing for the Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing. Further Lectures continue over the next four days, covering computer intelligence versus human intelligence; the birth or death of the Internet; the paperless office, and other PC-related subjects. (Five)

10:40-11:20pm – A Study In Sherlock
BBC's Timeshift documentary series, looks at the myths and fiction behind the much-loved fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, and examines his creation and relationship to author/creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. (BBC2)

10:30-11:00pm – NEW: TV Burp Review Of The Year
Harry Hill's unique look at the best and worst of TV over the past 12 months. (ITV1)

11:20pm-12:25am – 2008 At The Movies
What should have been the “Film 2008” year-end special, has been renamed and refilmed, after the fallout between Jonathan Ross and the BBC earlier this year. What we've got now, is a selection of films as chosen by Robert Downey Jr, and Jack Black, that they deem to be the best of the year. This could be great or a complete turd. Let's hope it's the former! May contain violent scenes, gore, adult material and strong language. (BBC1)

Tuesday 30th
10:00-11:10am – Uniko: Kronos Quartet

Recording of a live performance from the instrumental musicians, famous for their work on hit film “Heat” and “Requiem For A Dream”. (Sky Arts 2)

1040am-Midday – Matthew Barney: No Restraint
Documentary about artist Barney, current husband to Bjork, and his stylish art/horror film series “The Cremaster Cycle”. Bizarre, but brilliant work. Contains some nudity and adult themes that are not suitable for anyone under 15, in spite of the daytime timeslot! (Sky Arts 1)

2:05-4:15pm – FILM: WarGames (PG)
Dated, but very enjoyable thriller, starring Matthew Broderick, as a cocky teenager who enjoys hacking into other computers. When he hears about a new game being released, he breaks into the distributor's computer and plays the demo. What he doesn't realise is that the software is not a game at all, but a learning demo for computers to play-out hypothetical scenarios of war. When the Pentagon learn of the leak, and suspect that the US is under Nuclear Attack, the youngster finds himself trapped in a real life scenario of life-and-death, and man-versus-machine, upon which the fate of the world rests on his shoulders. Only an elusive and possibly deceased scientist and author can help him, but the man rejects the limelight, leaving everyone in fear for their lives. Genuinely enthralling techno-thriller, with the intensity, in spite of its dated 1983 technology. Great synthesiser score too. Contains some mild bad language. Highly Recommended! (Channel 4)

4:00-6:00pm – FILM: The Princess Bride (PG)
Cult fantasy comedy, based on the William Goldberg novella. In a time when men were noble, and women were seen as the only thing more desirable than life itself, one knight decides to take matters into his own hands, with hilariously disastrous consequences. Contains mild risque humour, and a bit of bad language. Highly Recommended! (Fiver)

7:00-8:00pm – Moebius Redux: A Life In Pictures
Superb documentary about European comic book artist and illustrator Jean Girard, aka Moebius, who has worked on various titles, including the much-fabled original version of David Lynch's “Dune” movie, with director Alessandro Jodorowsky. Check out the opening titles sequence, and you will see just how great this man is! Brief use of strong language, and some adult material of a sexual nature is covered, rendering it unsuitable for under-15's, despite the early-evening timeslot. Highly Recommended! (Sky Arts 1)

9:00-10:00pm – CSI: NY
The stunning and explosive Season 3 finale episode “Snow Day”, in which the CSI's own lab in New York is turned into a battlefield, when $100 million dollars worth of cocaine has to be taken into evidence for examination in a case, after a warehouse raid. What the team don't realise, is just how much effort the criminals are willing to go too, in order to reclaim the stolen drugs, even if that means kidnapping and murdering two of the CSI's themselves! Silly, but enjoyably high-tech conclusion to this super US drama series, plays very much like “Die Hard”. Sit back, don't think too much about some of the plot-turns, and revel in one of the best cliff-hangers of the show's entire history! Contains violent scenes and brief scenes of drug usage. Highly Recommended, even for non-fans of the show! All-new Season 5 will start on Five, late in January 2009. :clap: (Five)

9:00pm-3:00am – Jack Dee Live At The Apollo Night
A whole night devoted to “Live At The Apollo”, with Jack Dee hosting some of the best stand-up comedians from around the world, including Joan Rivers' graphically savage routine (9pm), and Ardal O'Hanlon's flight of whimsy (10pm). Contains strong language and adult humour, especially in Rivers' set, which includes frank discussion of ladies intimate body parts, and several uses of the “c” word! :eek: Seriously – this is Strictly Adults Only! (Dave)

10:05pm-12:20am – FILM: The Magdalene Sisters (15)
Controversial true-life drama about a sect of Nuns who ran a convent laundry service, but used the local teenage girls not only for work purposes, but for sadistic and abusive pleasures. Distressing and uncompromisingly terrifying drama from director Peter Mullan, with Geraldine McEwan in the title role as the Mother Superior, Sister Bridget, but worth watching. Contains very strong language, some sexual scenes, some nudity, and scenes depicting religious abuse and child abuse. (Channel 4)

1:55-4:30am – FILM: Superman Returns! (12)
Although showing on BBC1 and BBC-HD on Christmas Day evening, this is a chance to see the same film, but with an audio-descriptive and specially Signed Sign-Language audio/visual track, for Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing audiences. This is a trial experiment, and if successful, more films may be given similar treatment in the future. Film contains some violence, and some mild bad language. (BBC1)

Wednesday 31st – New Year's Eve
7:00-8:50am – FILM: Warlords Of Atlantis (PG)

Super underwater fantasy adventure, starring 1960's film hero Doug McClure, as he heads a team to look for the lost, fabled city of Atlantis. Great special effects too. (Channel 4)

11:00am-8:10pm “V” Day
If you want to see one of the greatest ever sci-fi mini-series ever made, then you could do a lot worse than this. At 11am, watch the entire, original “V – The Mini-Series” as we are introduced to the Visitors. Then at 2:50pm, watch the continuing saga with “V: The Final Battle” (Parts 1-3) back-to-back, as we discover what the Visitors intentions really are, and how humans are divided into whether they be assimilated with humans, into our society. The parallels to 1940's Naziism can get a little heavy-handed at times, but this is still a superb swan-song in terms of TV science fiction shows, even now, some 25 years after it was made! Showing uncut and uncensored, but in the original 4:3 ratio, and not the modified 2006 DVD release, which matted the series into a 1.85:1 Widescreen format, thus deleting some of the top and bottom of the picture. :nono: Although mostly suitable for 12-year olds and up, there are still occasional scenes that may disturb them, especially when we see the Visitors for who they really are, and how they survive on certain foods! (Sci-Fi)

11:15pm-1:35am – FILM: The Exorcist (18)
Rare showing for the full, uncut and original 1973 horror classic. Strictly adults only, as it contains disturbing and violent scenes, and adult material of an explicit nature. (TCM)

12:10-1:50am – FILM: Airplane! (12)
One of the finest comedy movies ever made. Spoofing the late-1970 disaster movies, this is an affectionate and hilarious mickey-take of the best of them, starring Leslie Nielson, as a jetload of eccentric and goofball passengers take a journey that no one will ever forget. With second-after-second of verbal, visual and well-hidden jokes, this is a movie worth recording and rewatching! Lots of great verbal sparring, plenty standout moments, and worth sticking right through the end-credits also, for yet more fun and hilarity! Some bad language, sexual innuendo, and risque humour. Highly Recommended! (Channel 4)

12:20-2:00am – FILM: Risky Business (18)
Cracking 1983 comedy starring Tom Cruise in one of his earliest roles, alongside a young Rebecca DeMornay (currently on FX, in “John From Cincinnatti”), as a hormonally-frustrated teenager, given the chance to enjoy his parent's luxury home on his own, but ends-up turning the place into a high-end brothel, with unintentionally distressing results! Striking scenes, including the famous dance around the living room, wearing only his Boxer Shorts, and the love scene on the late night train, this is a hilariously sexy and deliciously evil adult comedy, that still works even now, some 25 years later. Great music score, including the likes of Prince, Phil Collins, Tangerine Dream and many others, and a standout performance from Joe Pantoliano as Guido The Killer Pimp! Highly Recommended for open-minded adults, who enjoy their movies with added spice! (There's some genuinely erotic moments!) Contains strong language in the early scenes, and sexual material, making this adults-only viewing! Standout moment: the arrival of Jackie, the prostitute! Once you've seen it, you'll never look at prostitute ads in quite the same way again! :rotfl: (BBC1)

12:30-2:30am – The Salem Witch Trials (15)
First of a two-part mini-series, based on true events, with Kirstie Alley, about the trial of a group of religious woman, who were persecuted by town elders, and were accused of heresy and of being witches. The story concludes tomorrow night at the same time. Some distressing scenes, some nudity, and bad language. (True Movies)

NEW: 1:00-2:00am – Frank Skinner Live!
Late-night showing of Skinner's recent comeback tour, from his home city of Birmingham. This is a cut-down version of the recent UK DVD release. Contains strong language. (E4)

2:20-3:15am – The Jeremy Kyle Show
Had a heavy night? Think you've wasted all of 2008? Spent the last night of this year regretting something? Then forget all your worries as you view the pond-scum that makes up parts of the lowest-echelons of human life, taking part in a lecture by the master of the mouthy putdown, and be thankful your problems aren't quite as bad as theirs, and don't need to be aired on national television! What better way to welcome in 2009, than with people who make sceptic tanks look pristine and heavenly?! :eek: Contains scenes of a volatile and odorous nature, that many normal viewers will find offensive, disturbing and downright distasteful. :rotfl: (ITV1)

Thursday 1st January 2009 – New Year's Day!
1:00-2:50pm – FILM: My Neighbour Totoro (U)

Possibly the finest animated movie ever made, in the entire world. Studio Ghibli's poignant, cute and charming children's epic about two young girls, Mei and Satsuke, who move into the countryside in 1950's Japan, as the country recovers from the devastation of World War II, and the two nuclear bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasake. With their mother in hospital, the two girls have to adapt to their new country life-style. But being new to an area, making friends never comes easy, until a magical creature by the name of Totoro is discovered, who leads them on a fantastical journey! Pretty much perfect in every aspect, this should be the ideal movie for everyone to see, no matter what your age. Stick through the credits, to see a cute little coda to the movie, too. Highly Recommended, and guaranteed to cure even the most miserable and cold hearted cynics. Showing uncut, but in dubbed English. (Film4)

1:50-2:50pm – Doctor Who At The Proms
A recording of the special musical event that took place last year in London, showcasing some of the best music that the long-running TV sci-fi/fantasy show has incorporated. Lead through the event, by ex-companion Frema Agyeman, and including a specially filmed sequence with David Tennant as the Doctor. Directly after the show, press the Red Button, for extended and unseen material, with the cast and crew of the musical extravaganza! (BBC1)

6:50-9:00pm – FILM: Young Sherlock Holmes (PG)
Rare showing for this intriguing US adventure mystery, produced by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Here we follow a young Sherlock Holmes, as he solves one of his first mysteries, whilst at private school as a teenager. Notable for the first ever use of computer-generated imagery, created by none other than Pixar! The scene involves a glass church window being brought to life. Not the best film, but this one effect makes it worth a view. Contains some mild violence, and bad language. (Film4)

7:30-8:00pm – NEW: The Krypton Factor
Brand-new reimagining of the hit 1980's quiz, involving contestants having to complete numerous tasks, both physical and mental, to see who is the best. Hosted by Ben Shepard (GMTV!), this could be great or awful. The original show, used to get ratings in excess of 10 million each week, and those of you in your 30's or older, should remember the immensely exhausting physical challenge that took place at the end of each episode, and in particular the lengthy zip-rope jump! On its own, this made Gladiator's Travellator look like a gentle stroll across a sandy beach! This is a Pilot Episode. If successful, a full series will be produced, to air later in the year. (ITV1)

NEW: 8:00-9:00pm – Football Funnies
Clips show highlighting moments that world footballers would rather forget! (ITV4)

11:55pm-3:30am – FILM: Horror Double-Bill (The Fly / Carrie) (18)
Shocking and brutal horror movie double-bill, starting with David Cronenberg's visually disturbing, but incredibly heartfelt romantic love tryst, about a man who accidentally genetically morphs himself into a housefly, and discovers that just because technology gives us the ability to do something, doesn't mean we necessarily should. Very graphic, with some gut-wrenching scenes, but a sorrowful ending that really packs a punch, this is nightmarish stuff. Followed at 1:45am, by Stephen King's classic movie “Carrie”, with Sissy Spacek as the sexually-immature teenager who is tormented at school, only to turn the abuse on her tormentors. Watch out for the shock ending, and stick through the end credits too. Visceral and powerful fable about bullying. Both movies contain strong language, very gory scenes and material of an adult nature. (Channel 4)

Friday 2nd
9:00-10:15pm – Celeb Butt Munch!

If you value your sanity and braincells, then avoid the start of yet another contentious but stupid stint of celebs, trying to make it in the Butt Munch household. Unfortunately, this year's lot could actually be genuinely interesting. Probable, but not officially confirmed celebs, include: Lembit Opik MP, Verne Troyer (Mini-Me in The Austin Powers movies), Georgina Baillie (member of the Satanic Sluts burlesque troupe, and grand-daughter of Andrew Sachs), plus Whitney Houston, Paris Hilton, Ian Wright and Sir Cliff Richard! Ninety-nice percent of me is recommending you avoid this show like the plague. But there's annoying one percent, that partially wants to recommend it, because of the potentially great cast that may be entering the house. Well, as Davina would say, “You decide!”. (Channel 4, and E4)

11:45pm-12:15am – Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe Review
The acerbic author and journalist, casts a critical and caustic eye of the many televisual disasters that have tormented him, during 2008. Contains very strong language. (BBC2)

And there you have it – 16 A4 pages of shows that will hopefully give you plenty of choice this Christmas to watch, other than the usual diet of soaps and second-rate movie “premieres”!

Comments and corrections are all welcomed. :) Thanks for going through this mammoth list. I hope you enjoy it, and find it of use.

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Hi All,

I used to do a monthly (-ish) list of what to look forward to, on TV, for the AV Forums, but stopped earlier this year, as it got to taking me too long, around my work commitments. :(

Well, seeing as it's nearly Christmas, as a little gesture of Thanks to all the AV Forums people, I will be posting - in the next few days if I can - a lengthy list of what shows to watch, and even one or two to avoid, as a treat for you all! :clap:

The Christmas Editions of the major TV Guides should all be out by tomorrow (Monday 8th December), but I know many of you liked my quirky and sometimes off-beat list of recommendations.

So, keep an eye on this thread, and then I will post my list, probably by next Sunday night at the latest! :)


(AVF's TV Guru!)

I just hope you quote the 6 StarWars films on SkyHD :D
Top man Pooch, always liked reading your TV Guide ...... I think the only two things I'm looking for are the Gavin & Stacey Xmas Special and the return of Supernatural to ITV2 in January! :thumbsup:

i've edited this and the first post to shift the main text to the start of the thread to make it easier to follow. as it was a long list i've removed the duplicate here

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Cheers Pooch, nice to see a festive return of your quirky list, right, I'm off to set the PVR and sky planner with some of those suggestions :smashin:
Great work Pooch.

One slight correction is that the Dr Who was made at the end of the last series. They are set to make the three specials to be shown next year in addition to this Xmas episode. Next year's specials will be subject to Tennant's back problems. He is said to have undergone an operation for it.

mod comment -

in case anyone missed it, i've changed the list to the first post so it's easier to find

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