Coming from iphone 4 to HTC One - Help!!


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Hey folks

So I've been with the iPhone system since launch waaaaaay back when. Long story short, iPhone 5 is just too dull to warrant an upgrade so I've jumped ship to the very lovely HTC One.

BUT... All is not yet brilliant. Firstly, I'm a bit of an image junkie. I love to download images to set as wallpaper, send to mates etc, but I press & hold images on Flickr, deviantart etc & nothing, whereas I'd expect a save image dialog box. Any suggestions?

Also, I downloaded zooper pro to help set up a cool looking alternative to my blinkfeed page but all it shows me is a setup options screen. How do I actually download & customise screens. I'm a very visual working kind of person :).

Please be gentle. I'm pretty good with tech but the ios ecosystem has spoiled me a little. I still love my iPad but it'd be great to get my Android working better :)


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I too have just upgraded from iphone4 to the HTC One, after 1 week i think i am getting the hang of it. Thanks for mentioning Zooper as i had never heard of it but looks great. To use it i am sure you have found out now that you drag down on your blinkfeed page to click on the 3 dots, from there customise home screen, select a blank panel or add a new one, make it your home screen if you want to by holding the blank panel till the phone buzzes then drag it to "set as home" at the top left. Making sure the panel you want to have zooper shown on is selected (click on it and it adds a blue box around it) scroll down to zooper or search for Z and you'll have a choice of sizes for the widget. After selecting it you can quit the customise screen and go to the page you added it to, click on it and it will then help you moddify it as you want. Hope that helps and wasn't too step by step. As for deviantart, i just tried a free app for it and it had a floppydisc type symbol at the top that when pressed saved the pic to the phone. Hope all this helps. Goodluck getting to grips with the HTC One, i'm getting there slowly, though thinking the battery doesn't last long. I don't use the phone alot, mild browsing and music with a few games at work during lunch, battery lasting 2 days. My iphone4 was lasting 2 days after being 2 years old, reason for upgrade was wanting a larger screen.

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