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Im about to swap/trade my top end Android Tablet for a PS Vita

A while back I owned a PSP and my favourite game was Dungeon and Dragons Tactics, I know it was not highly rated back then, but I found this was my most played game.
I also enjoy Real racing and Colin Mcrae rally on my iOS/Android devices.

My Questions to you experts, is will I find a big difference between gaming on a top end Iphone/iOS/Android device, Im probably answering my own question as I always found the controls on the PSP easier to game than just a touch screen.

Also will I be able to play my D&D tactics game on the Vita


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Coming from iPad gaming, the Vita has a much more console slant of games, which the physical buttons and sticks enable to work vs touch virtual sticks.

Most of my favourite ipad games were touch-based: Autumn Dynasty, Space Hulk, Flight Control, Blue Libre etc
I've not seen Vita games quite like this, but then iPad did much worse with twin-stick shooters: Dead Space just didnt control that well, vs playing WarFrame via Remote Play on the Vita.

Basically embrace each system for what it's good for. I may mourn the lack of strategy games i used to play, but there's lots o other vita stuff out there :smashin:


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Top end andriod tablet?

The Vita can play almost every game the PSP can play so you can probably get your D&D tactics. There are also quite a few other "tactics" games out there for the vita you can check out. And the racing games should play a lot better on the veets!


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Just to add, if you want more bang for your buck, there are really good games that can last you hundreds of hours on the Vita. If you're into tactics games, check out Disgaea 3.

Disgaea 4 is coming out later this year and I'm looking forward to it.

I think I put in maybe 100 hours into 3 and I'm not even a fourth of the way done with that one yet (I could have finished it by now but I have been trying to explore other facets within the game)... there is literally, tons of content you can waste your time on in that game and it always feels like you accomplish something. And the story is really good.


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Managed to a PS Vita, with the games Fifa and uncharted a 4GB card, case all boxed, must admit, what a difference it is to have the full controls over a game, something a smartphone/tablet just cant match, must admit, im hooked to uncharted although it gives me vertigo, scary hanging up so high, amazing graphics, love the controls. I think im going to like this gadget

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