Coming from a TH46PZ80 am I worrying to much about OLED brightness


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HI All

I've been going round and round reading reviews and I think I have just got myself into a confusion cycle

in short due to the way my rooms laid out my screen is opposite a southwest facing bay window so is not a bright room as such but gets direct sun for part of the year, I've coped for the last 12 years with the plasma and from what i can tell the newer OLEDs are a lot brighter (thinking about a C1)

I have thought about the Sony LCDS's but i do have off angle viewing which is more common of an occurrence (though i like the idea of using the TV as the center speaker)

So am I over thinking this and whilst not perfect it's going to be a ton better than my current one?


Once you are considering TVs around the same price as the LG C1 OLED anything you buy will be a big improvement over what you have in almost every area.

The two weaknesses compared will be perhaps motion, and displaying poorer quality material.

You can get LCD TVs like the Sony XH9505 or Samsung Q90T/Q95T that at 55" and over have wide viewing angle filters to improve the viewing angles. Whilst you will never get perfect OLED/Plasma viewing angles, they are better than the usual narrow viewing angles of LCD TVs.

In terms for value for money right now, you're best looking at models from 2020 rather than new 2021 models that are currently overpriced. Only exception to this really is if you're only shopping for a 48" OLED. These 2020 models have remained just as expensive as launch, and therefore the newer released models aren't really any more expensive.

Pixel wear on OLED TVs is directly related to heat, so if you have direct sun on the TV and you are using the TV in max brightness you will wear the pixels out faster since they'll be running hot. You can bypass this by controlling light in the room, or even just not using your TV for long periods of time when the sun is directly on it.

Of course the temperature inside has a big effect too.

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