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I've a Richer sounds £1500 credit note burning a hole in my pocket after ending up parting with my Pioneer LX-5090 :( . I've still got a loan 42" Panasonic TV that has it's annoying flaws ( undefeatable IFC, dirty screen,uneven back light as well as bleed an bad vertical viewing angles) while I make my mind up, and just under a year before that credit note expires. I can probably got upto £1750 and in the next few weeks towards the end of the month £1900. Or I have to be a bit more patient and wait for more money or prices to go down, new models to appear.

Firstly I already have me a 5.1 Audio setup, Sky+HD, HD multisat equipment, an almost unused freeview HD box, a media centre PC, Blu-ray player, PS4, PS4, xbox360. I really don't care about what the TV does sound wise. I don't care about smart features, I'm not bothered by the built in freeview or freesat, it'll get little or no use. However i manage to connect these all by 1 HDMI cable to the TV switched by my av-reciever and 5in1 multiswitch. I can put in a HDMI splitter to enable me to use the additional inputs so I can calibrate more presets for all my kit. I didn't bother calibrating my pioneer for the last 3 years as it has had issues alot of that time.

On a brighter note, LED TV's have come a long way. Yea, they won't have the blacks, or generally be the reference level of picture that the pioneer, but many LED TV's now have at least good enough viewing angles, surprisingly good blacks, more than acceptable picture as long as all the noise-reduction, enhancers and any motion-compensated frame interpolation can be disabled. I've said it about many Sony LCD's in the past, maybe it's not quite as nice as my pioneer, but I'd happily live with that.

There is the old 4k vs HD debate, I can't see myself watching much 4k content as yet but It would be nice to have that option. The extra detail I've seen in the demo reels are nice. Normally I'd be in the wait and see camp as I'd prefer to wait for any broadcasting standards to be set, and enhanced colour depth and higher frame rates being talked about by the EBU would make 4k more than just a bump in resolution that many won't see without a huge TV. 4k would intrest me if a 4k blu-ray standard comes to light or Sky 4k, especially for sport.

I'm used to 50" but with the modern TV's having tiny bezels I can stretch to 55". which i sit 2.5-4 meters from.

I like good blacks, but I'm not asking for plasma blacks, The Sony KD49X8505B looked decent in daylight, I have no Idea what it would be like in a dark room and it fit's my budget. The owners thread on this Tv is interesting though the lack of contrast and washed out looking picture worries me a bit, I like the low input lag, the measured blacks are probably fine in home. Sony's impulse mode for maintaining motion detail is probably a big miss, I mostly watch sport.

The TV I'd probably buy without hesitation, assuming I get one without issues like the one I saw in my local Richer sounds (Panasonic TX58AX802B) would definitely be the Panasonic TX50AX802B . It looked awesome, off angle viewing looked near perfect, while not perfect I didn't see the hideous 24p judder/strobing I see on the panny I have at home, or erroneous IFC kicking in when it should be off. I could not pick a fault with it. it's a bit too expensive at the mo at £2099, I don't know if costco have it yet at a better price to see if I could price match the price down. I suspect the AX902 might be out of reach initially too when it arrives.

I'm also Happy with the Idea that it may be better to pick up something like a sony W905 or W829 ( the W955 appears to suck ,clear issues ) in 50" or 55" knowing I'll get a good 1080p image maybe better than the KD49X8505B, and the impulse mode option. and put the rest of the credit into some new speakers or something.

I'm not too sure what to make of the Samsung and LG's, looking at the reviews I ether see the blacks could be better or panel issues. I'm defiantly not a Samsung fan.

Why bother posting at all, well I can't possibly know every little niggle or annoyance these TV's may have that may or may not tick me right off. Sure my pioneer LX-5090 had it's dithering, buzzing but those i could live with. Somebody here might know something that can change my mind that only comes from having sat at home with one of these in their house.


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I've owned a Sony w905 and a Panasonic AS802.
Both are cracking tvs. Each has its pros and cons.

Personally I prefer the as802 for a few reasons.
It has much more calibration controls, colours look better, backlight control is more finely tuned, has better motion (noticed the odd judder on the 905), and for me the 3D was better.
It's passive 3D which after going from active to passive it's much more easier on the eyes, glasses are cheap as chips, the ones supplied fit perfectly over glasses (my wife wares them and is very impressed), again loads of calibration controls, unlike the 905 backlight can be adjusted in 3d modes and isn't locked like on the sony.

Gaming wise they both have great low lag. The sony is a bit quicker but it's nothing I've felt. They both support full rgb.

Personally speaking the reason why I didn't got for a 4K tv is its still in its infancy. I want to wait for standards to be set in stone and a tv that can meat these standards or get bloody close.

If you are stuck with credit with richer sounds and can't get cash see if they could match the price and offer at tps.


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Thanks. That Worth a considering. Big thanks for the Tip on TPS. I do wonder if say an 50"AX802 over the AS802 would be the way to go. Richer sounds are bound to price match TPS. :)

£1799 for an TX50AX802 looks tasty too, much better blacks. Then again a bigger screen would be nice. Might not know how much that black level might bother me until I had it in my home. I have a 7w light behind my TV and I rarely watch TV in the dark.

I think now is also a good time to mention, 3D, I couldn't care, or less I probably won't touch it apart from curiosity. I watched Tron legacy 3D in the cinema, and a few 3d football matches, I've made a point of watching 2D only since.
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I use a led light strip behind my tv. Looks pretty dam good.
I quite like 3D when it's done good. Gaming in 3D is pretty cool too.

I think if they can do it maybe worth trying both tvs side by side in a demo room at Richer Sounds.

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