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This forum was incredibly helpful to me last year when I was trying to buy my husband a separates system for Christmas. Sadly, the snow scuppered all delivery plans, so he had to make do with a new coat instead. Sad, but true.
However, This Is The Year.
So - would it be okay if I ran my selection past you to make sure you've not got a better suggestion for me?
HK 3390 receiver
Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 speakers
Denon DCD510AE CD player

I'm a tiny bit over budget, so if you can suggest anywhere to lose £'s that would be much appreciated.

Also, can you point me to any necessary leads?

Thank you!


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I'm guessing this system comes in at about £500 or so, does that sound right based on the prices you found.

First, do you need a radio (AM/FM)? If so, then Harman is probably the best choice for about £250. Now if you don't need a radio, there are a few other choices at similar prices.

The Diamond speaker are an exceptional bargain, However, if you can go as high as £160/pr rather than £99/pr, then consider the Diamond 10.1. Still nothing wrong with the Diamond 9.1 and probably the best speaker at that price.

I would expect the Denon DCD510 to be as good as any for the price. has them for £159. SuperFi has them for £169. A bargain either way.

If you can push the CD to £199, you can get the matching Harman Kardon CD HD980. There is some asthetic benefit to them matching, but only if you can justify it within your budget.

Use a Google-UK Shopping search if you want to find the best possible prices.

Google-UK - Shopping Search

Again, if you need radio, not much can touch the Harman at about £250. If you don't need radio, then I can think of several Intergrated amps that would fit your budget.

The complete system from SuperFi, which is the single source for the Diamond 9.1 at £99/pr, would be like this -

£249 = Harman Kardon AM/FM, 80w/ch
£_99 = Wharfedale Diamond 9.1
£169 = Denon DCD510 CD Player
£517 = Total

If £500 is your limits, and I've correctly determined your requirements, then this is a good system.

In amps only, no radio, consider the Denon PMA510 45w/ch amp (£170), the Yamaha AS300 60w/ch (£206), Yamaha CDS300 CD (£199). A Radio Tuner could always be added later for roughly £150 to £200 (Denon TU1510 (£199), or Onkyo T4355 (£149).

But again, for about £500, I can't think of anything better than what you originally selected.



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Just wanted to drop in and say a huge THANK YOU - the above system was the total star of Christmas Day, and the husband has been utterly blown away with my seriously knowledgeable and top notch hifi-buying ability... *winks*

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