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Hello all :)
Bought a 46" smart LED samsung smart tv last week thursday from comet...
Set it up in the evening and found that that the Lovefilm app was not working... Spinning wheel so I thought my net connection was playing up and leftit
Nextevening I remembered to try again, started a film off but after 2 seconds it went back to menu... Rang virgin media who said contact love film...too late to contact them Fridaynight....
Went away for a few days on Saturdaybut rang lovefilm during my trip who said there was a problem with some samsung tv's
Rang samsung earlier today to be told there was a problem with this model and they are looking in to a fix for these tv's

Ispecifically discussed Love film in the shop when buying and this helped me choose the tv

How are Comet customer services in instances like these guys???

I emailed them just now offering to pay an extra amount of £50 (the price difference) toreturn the telly and replace it with a more expensive sony model!!

I feel I was missold the samsung, and would have bought the sony first but was penny pinching :(

Thanks for any comments



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I recently bought a Fridge\Freezer from (who I later found out was effectively Comet).

I had to contact customer services but felt I had no chance because I noticed the damage after delivery and after I had signed the acceptance form to say that it was delivered undamaged.

Thought I would have to take it bent over, but they were as nice as pie and sorted out a replacement without any fuss.

It was during the replacement that I realised that I was actually dealing with Comet.

I would say that Comet Customer Service is inconsistent. People say they are terrible, I'm sure with good reason, but equally others, like me, have had great service.

The best advice is to ask them, be nice and polite rather than all guns blazing. They might surprise you. If not you can then decide to accept it or stand and fight.

Did you buy it online or from the store. If online you could return it under the Distance Selling Regulations although you are very close to cut off time, perhaps too late.


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I have in the years before the internet bought from Comet and Currys etc and like most people I expect experienced the random mixture of good, to accpetable to downright terrible customer service from them.

Did actaully have an out of warranty fridge freezer repair from Comet only a few years back after asking specifically and being assured absolutely that it was not an issue that the fridge frezer would have to be slid out of the kitchen unit in which was located (it is one of those built in ones) that means it will drop 6-8 inches to the floor, and that the repair man would have one of those little adjustable table type arrangements they use for exactly this sort of thing a repair man turned up and said he coundln't touch it he did not have the necessary tools nor was he allowed to undertake such activities as removing it from the unit he could only do the repair if the fridge/freezer was out and accessible. As I could not have managed to do it myself at the time being in ill helath and lacking the tools, hence the specific request that the repair man could and would do it he left having done nothing. Comet repair refused to refund me and kept the call out charge citing their T&Cs, should have recorded the call.

Here we go with a rant at comet thread:lesson::suicide:
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I would just take it back to the store saying it's faulty, that you confirmed the problem with the manufacturer, give them the number if they want to confirm and ask for a refund. Tell them you needed love film working this weekend and it's not. I wouldn't offer them more money, I just suggest it's a refund or that Sony as a replacement for the same price


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How is it advertised and sold. Do Comet list Lovefilm as a feature.

If so then the product they provided does not perform as sold - whether it could be fixed by a future firmware update is irrelevent.

If sold by Comet as having Lovefilm then they have to provide it - it is them that you have a contract with, they can't defer their responsibility to Samsung.

If however, it sell it as having access to Samsung apps then you have less of a case.



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