Comet returns policy without box?


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Stupid question maybe but I may want to return my DLP back to comet after less than a week but I've thrown the box already.

Do they have an issue with this? I've never returned anything this large before!


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I suspect you mean a rear projection DLP TV? You may get more joy on the rear projecton TV forum regarding experience on that matter. Also, have you looked at the Comet site for any info on this?...PJ


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Ooops! You're right! Thanks, I'll repost there.

I can't find anything on the Comet site to be honest and I can't get through on the phone - they say their busy at the moment and to call back later before automatically hanging up! A right pain in the 'arris.




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You'll be lucky. Most companies require you to keep the box for any sort of return, even warranty repairs now.

If someone tried to return something to the company I work for without the appropriate packaging they would get charged a 30% restocking fee plus costs of replacement packaging. You'll find this is the sort of cost Comet will get stuck with as well. You will be very lucky to get them to take it back.

Good luck anyway.


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Why do you need to send it back? If it is faulty then they should replace it with or without packaging.


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If it is faulty they have to, if it is not they don't have to do anything, anything they do will be a good will getsture.


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aye, with an item that size its not expected that you will keep the box, so if its faulty they have to take it back regardless of packaging....

if its not faulty, well, if you had the box they prehapsibly might take it back, but without the box i'd be surprised if they did......a more specialist hifi shop more than likely would take it back...but a big chain retailer doesnt have too, a purchase like that should never be made without a serious think....

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