Comet mentioning new Sagem tv's


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Hi all,

I was all prepared to get either the Sagem HDD50/ HDD45 G4 versions when the guy at my local Comet store said they weren't delivering these sets anymore as a newer model is due out soon.

Has anyone else heard of this? If so, how soon can we expect these to come out and will they be much better? It's taken me so long to finally decide between a plasma and rear pro and when I finally do, I'm stuck again.

Also, I was quite shocked to hear from a comet salesman that he didn't think HD was worth it just yet and that it'd be wiser to wait afew years when it's more readily available. He also thought that HD plasmas/LCDs were over priced and recommended rear pro over plasma.


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Sky still have not launched their HD service yet (beta testing is underway with some customers) so there is no HD feed available in the UK yet. You can download some very flakey stuff from Germany from some web sites but most mainstream stuff is still waiting on Sky and HD-DVD or Blue-Ray drives to be launched before it all kicks in. I would expect it all to get going in the next 3 months (max) but early adopters will pay a premium as always:mad:



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Think the new models are going to have a built in PVR for Freeview


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I wonder when these are due out.

I really want to get my new screen but not sure if I should wait for the newer ones if they are just round the corner.

Do you think they'll be many improvements??

I mean the model before the HDD45 G4 still has a cracking picture imo just not as many connections. I wonder how much better the model to supersede the G4's will actually be?!?!?


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...does anyone have any news on when we might be seeing new Sagem sets??

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