Comet internet nightmare!


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Hi all,

Has anyone purchased an item from the comet website and been successful in exchanging one product for another? If so whats the secret?

The reason i ask is that I am trying to return a 32pw9527 and exchange for the Sony 32fx66 but i am getting absolutley zero joy from the muppets at the comet call centre they tell me that inline with distance selling regulations i can return this set within 7 days but nobody at the call centre can authorise the swap. I then managed to speak to a member of so called management team who i was told are the only people who can authorise such a thing but she only has limited powers.....joke!!! She then said that I would be phoned by someone from another team that she would have to e-mail i asked if I could phone them or if they could put me through but this 'team' must be as elusive as bin laden as no-one within Comet knows how to contact them or where to contact them unless it's by e-mai!!l. Three times this has been requested. Does anyone have an idea who i can contact as I am pulling my hair out with this. ( I have also written to them)



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Sounds like a stalling tactic to me. Hope you haven't passed up your 7 day return right:eek:

I'd get intouch with:

1 Trading standards & outline your case (good luck on that front:rolleyes: )

2 If you paid by credit card then outline the situation to them (as you don't tecnically own the item till you've paid for it) and they may put a bit of muscle behind your claim if indeed the item has been either faulty and/or misold after asking their advice.

Good luck:)


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sorry to hear about your troubles mate right now to business i had a 36zd26 from comet online an it was fault ridden.i called tham up an said i would like a return uner the 7 day rule they said ok an would get backin touch with me,i then asked them to put on my file or what ever they keep your details on that i asked for this swap before the 7 day rule had passed.they never did return my call so i did have tocall them every day an pester them but i did get a if its not to late demand that they put your complaint on file before the 7 day rue ends.failling that trading standards usually have them ****ting themselves so tell them your intouch with them if you get no joy.let us know how you get on mate and good luck ;)
i've had three tv's from comet direct and i had very little trouble having them swapped. just be firm and authoritive about what you want and don't let them make suggestions about what you should do, you tell them. don't get off the line untill you get a satisfactory answer. email comet and briefly tell them that you wish to exchange your tv under the distance regulations, this will act as legal notification of your intent and then they can arse about all they like as you have told them within seven days and youre safe. i will say they do phone at odd times, they called me once on a friday night at 7:55 pm and on a saturday afternoon, so you have to be available at anytime.


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Hi Guy's

Thanks for the reply's I have pestered the a*** off them and ended up sending a letter too, which sparked a fairly instant response. I am awaiting a delivery date but it appears that I have made some progress and hopefully will have myself sorted by the end of next week.

After speaking to a sales lad who got lumbered with my problem(not his dept) he said that the back up was poor and I would've been still waiting for my reply from the "exchange team" who apparnetly are a couple of old girls who sort out paperwork etc anyway I'm happier now that I have spoke to someone there who actually seemed interested in me.

Once again thanks for the feedback and i'll let you know when it arrives

Ryan O'Sullivan


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At last I have had delivered a Sony 32fx66..........but not by Comet, after messing about on their call centre line talking to incompetent idiots and writing them a letter and numerous e-mails I finally told them where to put there T.V's.

I waited and waited and waited for a delivery date and 4 days after agreeing to the exchange i decided to phone them to arrange the slot myself. I was initiially told no problem it will be with you this coming Wednesday( It was Satruday) I said great are you 100% sure as i will need to shoot out from work the girl i spoke to then spoke to a supervisor who told her that the set was out of stock and would not be in the warehouse till the following Saturday! I laughed and said is this some kind of joke the girl went away and said no sorry Wednesday will be ok....after such a shoddy service from various 16yr olds I asked to get a supervisor/ manager to confirm that to me in person. The supervisor never came to the phone but told the girl that there was no way the set would be in their warehouse till the following Saturday........... This is 100% true unbelievable but true.

I have since requested a refund by phone and e-mail and surprise surprise I have heard nothing and my card has not been refunded.............Very Very dissapointing from a company I had previously had great service from needless to say they have lost me and anyone i know as a customer

Anyway on a brighter note I ordered the set from Premier av centre for 120 quid less 5 minutes after speaking to Comet on Saturday......... .and actually got it yesterday and, i'm happy with it !!

Thanks for the feedback earlier and I just hope I was seriously unlucky on the 30 or so times that I contacted or spoke to Comet!!!!:mad:

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