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Sep 30, 2005
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Just been to my local Comet (Edinburgh) hoping to see some DLP tv demos. They have Samsung both SP-50L7X and SP-46L6X as well as Sagem 45 and 50 inch sets. However none of them is running with HD sources. They have about 12-15 HD ready plasmas and LCD sets demonstrating From PCs but all the DLP sets are shoved away in corners showing Kylie videos.

Me - " I notice you have a DVI connector hooked up to this Sagem, can you demonstate it playing some HD material?

Comet sales Ass. - " Yes it's HD ready."

Me - "Yeah I know, but can you switch on the PC to see it running?"

Comet Ass. "Eh?? Oh that's broken and we can't strech a cable over there (about 5 feet away) 'cos it would be a public safety hazard."

Me - "So you can't demo this one then?"

Comet Ass. "nope"

I have the feeling that DLPs are not getting the fair promotion that they should. Could it be that the profit on these TVs is not as high as some plasma and LCDs? Beats me, but until Comet's attitude changes, they won't be getting my custom.

I think it has more to do with the manufacturers than anything else. I believe that Sagem was one of the first manufacturers to setup the NEC SFF PC's with HD Demos to demo their TV's in the stores. I don't think that has anything to do with comet.

Same as LG, and Samsung seem to now provide HD Demos for their LCD TV's. I couldn't see Comet or any other high-st white good shop shelling out for a PC to demo Hi-def stuff, especially NEC. NEC is not a 'high-street' brand for a PC as far as I remember, even though they are quite popular as a direct to business PC.

There just isn't enough margin in hardware these days - same with PC's.
A Comet sales advisors will move the NEC PC to demo for customers, I've seen them do it.
I think it all comes down to if they think you're just wasting their time which isn't right in any case.

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