Comet fulfilling preorders



I've just come back from Comet in Guildford and had a bit of a shock. I was standing at the till paying for my purchases when four stacked Wiis paraded past, follwed by a couple more.
Great I thought - Wiis aplenty but alas no, they were all for preorders and no free stock at all.
Chap at the next till had 5 or 6 of 'em.

At least there are Wiis to be had.


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I seen a notice on one stores door about that delivery, much more helping keeping us informed like that. You feel slightly stupid asking members of staff instore if they're in stock or not.


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I got a call from Comet this morning telling me my Wii was ready to collect. Not too bad for them, just a week late so cant really complain

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