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Comet extended warenty and replacement DLP bulbs


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On my sagem HD50 GT4 got the dreded lamp warning llight. I know about getting bulbs and the replacemnts here > http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=220472&page=16&highlight=comet+extended+bulb

Me like a few others are quite willing to use fuses to get a bit more out the bulb but not leave it so long it does explode and get the bulbs from Osram and not Sagem. I'd rather do it properly while it's under warenty.

However I do have extended cover from Comet and was wondering more specifily just how much luck people have been having getting replacement bulbs out of this extended cover. wanted to get a thred more spacificly about getting new bulbs out of extended warenties than mixed in with all the technical stuff mixed in. Especialy now most of our sets have been run a long time long enough for bulbs to expire normaly and not prematurly.

I was told by the manager at the time i brought the TV " We do cover the bulb in this case dispite what it says on the cover document. It's there to stop silly people from bring lamps, radio's basicly anything thats you can get down your local corner shop for less than a fiver. We're not here to con you. Just don't expect us to replace the batteries in the remote."

Time to put it to the test.


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I have a Samsung SP46 and I also have an extended warrenty with Comet.

I have already had one lamp replaced (January 2007) and a ballast.

It was all done under warrenty and the engineer told me that they would rather replace the lamps than upset customers.

I do not know whether that is still their policy but I will hope that they do it again when this lamp goes.




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The Blub has just gone pop and the new one should arrive tommorow. all seems good. just debaiting weather to stick a new fuse in to get it going till the bulb arrives.


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I got mine replaced under extended warrenty after it blew after about 14 months use, might have had something to do with a power cut we had?
Anyway the engineer brought a bulb but it was in the wrong carrier so he had to swop the carrier over.
Thinking of having them back to it though, it doesn't seem right, for instance if I have the white menu up it has a blue haze around it, also if something comes up on screen which is white on a dark picture you get it.


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Got it done, it's sorted. New bulb is sooooo much brighter.

Only really anoying thing my tv is no longer blowing the fuses, thats 2 i've tried now, and even after a couple of on off cycles.

The engineer said the he's seen a number of tv where the fuse had not gone as well as many burnt and bulbs because of that. also the fuse in the replacement bulb was an F0.25A and didn't blow, I removed once it had been turned on and off a few times, so i have a good idea of when I need the next bulb.

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