comet aaaarrrgggghhhhhhhh


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Gotta get this off my chest b4 i get 10 - 15 for murder.
Just been to my local comet "superstore" (yeah right) to buy a sony kv 32 fx66.
Now they say they have a price promise where if within 14 days you find the same item cheaper the will not only match the price but shall give you an extra 10% of the difference back.
Well i thought i would give it a try so off i went with my printout from premier av £799 without stand £899 with stand.
It seems that as i dont live within 10 miles of premier av i don't qualify to get a price match, they want £1197 and not a penny less.
This i think is utterly ridiculous as comet have 5 stores within 5.6 miles of premier av as comets own website tells you.
So i guess unless i move to Birmingham i am going to get shafted. Now you may ask why didn't i just order it from premier av, well the reason is that if anything goes wrong with said tv i just lift the phone and a comet engineer comes out to sort the problem i don't know what would happen with premier av.
So if anyone has any ideas or comments on premier av.

:mad: :mad:


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Oh, and Dixons, Currys, et al.

Never knowingly oversold.
We guarantee that our prices can never be beaten. If you find the same product on sale anywhere else at a higher price, just let us know and we'll increase our price on the spot.


there price matching is aload of i went in a few weeks ago to get a sony tv. just to play my xbox & ps2 on.i asked what there return policy is & this guy said if they tv is faulty then i could bring it back.but they had to deem it faulty if they couldn`t see anything wrong with it i had to keep it.i said is that right good bye.& got it from somewhere else.



I could tell you a few stories - I will never be buying from them again - they don't have a clue as to what customer service is

I managed to get my money back from a TV I bought but it was so painful for me - I was getting angry every 2 seconds!!


hi all,
imho, the stores in question, comet, are electrical retailers with showrooms for a wide selection of electrical goods and so their staff are like jacks of all trades and masters of none with a few exceptions, plus they are more local to the vast majority of people in the country.
so if youy want expert a/v advice you go to an a/v store.
if you want an internet bargain you shop on the net.
if you want a local bargain you shop locally and play the local store`s against each other.
at the end of the day it`s over heads, sales targets, stock levels etc. (even on the net) that determine the offers.
if you get bad sevice frome one outlet then go elswhere, it`s your money.
in reply to the original question, how about ordering by phone from a comet store near the net store to price match, then try your local comet with the away from home comet price (where your sister lives lol)---- maybe worth a try?????


Surely the best way is to buy online with a buy now pay later scheme. If something goes wrong with your TV then aren't they more likely to sort it out as otherwise you will refuse to pay.

Is not not the case that until they have your money they would not be looking **** you around.

Or am I missing something here.

This is my plan anyway when I look to buy 2 new full home systems for my two living rooms.


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aaronjon, i already tried the phone up comet routine but they just wouldn't wear it i'm afraid.
anyway i'm just back from john lewis to see if they would price match the premier av price of £799 but best they were willing to do was £995 + £40 delivery. they said premier av price was £995 even after i gave them a printout dated 28/12/2002 of the £799 price.


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They're all as bad as each other. I was in a Miller Bros store today and wanted to audition the Sony DAVS880. It was all setup in front of a plasma with Spiderman playing but there was no bass. I asked an "assistant" to assist and he said he could adjust it via the remote. He went off for about 10 mins. Whilst away a collegue asked if he could help. I explained my "assistant" was looking for the remote to which the response was "it's been missing for ages"!!!

When the first guy came back and said he couldn't help I "politely" told him that if I couldn't demo then I wouldn't buy and walked out. I wonder how many sales they have lost due to it's crap setup and lack of remote.

I went to Currys who also had it set up and demoed it. Only problem was he couldn't find the tone control (if there is one) and he expected me to buy based on his recommendation that "it sonds great"!

Think how much return custom an organised train store would get ! :rolleyes:


Why don’t you just go to a Comet store within the 10 miles radius of Premier then you will qualify? A lot of retailers have this policy off 10 miles radius also they do not do internet price matching either.
Have you checked the internet price of you equipment on the net with Comet as often they are a lot cheaper.
Also try ringing a John Lewis they often do things quite cheap and give free delivery and 5 year guarantee.


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Where you buy your set is up to you, but do you honestly trust the Comet engineer /backup as a reason to buy from them?

My experience tells me to always stay well clear of all the big nationals unless its something only they have or I can sort myself if it goes wrong.



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Originally posted by SnakeUK
If something goes wrong with your TV then aren't they more likely to sort it out as otherwise you will refuse to pay.
Is not not the case that until they have your money they would not be looking **** you around.

The supplying dealer will be paid immediately regardless, Buy Now Pay Later schemes will be utilising a finance company.
If you don't pay it will simply appear on your credit file.

Makes no difference to whether you receive proper service :eek:


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Originally posted by ScottyToo

Think how much return custom an organised train store would get ! :rolleyes:
Problem is that Dixons/Comet/Currys/Pc world etc make their money from the ill informed gullable masses who walk in believing that big store with big signs saying lowest prices will offer them the best value. If it didnt work then they wouldnt do it, how many times have you seen a gullable granny being sold a nicam video with a mono telly (like my mother in law for example) or a friend of ours being sold a nicam telly and a mono vcr as a package(!) and then being advised to buy a cheapo prologic kit(!). Bizarre thing is they are happy withe their 5 speaker mono driven set up (Ive given up telling them). How many times have you seen people walk into PC world looking for a school PC that has intenet and office and being sold something that could power an entire office. My first question when asked PC advice is what will you use it for. In PC world its you need the fastest machine, no question!! (Still I bought my PC from PC world as it was genuinely mispriced in my favour). I once intervened when I saw a young girl being given bad advice on a digicam nd was asked to leave the store, fortunetaley the girl followed me (I rescued someone) and thanked me for the advice.

While the majority of people are ignorant to the savings that are available the dixons group will thrive and the serious AV discount retailer will only ever operate at a local level.

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