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Recently I have wanted to go to a comedy club, so looked into it and have a couple in my area so might go one weekend soon.

Anyone here go to a comedy club?


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I go to the Glee Club in Birmingham often. Cracking night out and they have some great acts on. They regularly get the big time comedians in too when trying out new material or warming up for a big tour. April they had Lee Evans and John Bishop is there next month.


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Been to the one in Camden once good night out can be a bit hit and miss sometimes with the acts.

I don't recall his name he was the blind comedian in the Barclay's ad and he had me in stitches.


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Been to the stand comedy club in Glasgow a couple of times. First time was awesome , 5 acts ,4 was brilliant as well as the mc 1 was okish, 2nd time was rubbish, not the clubs fault tho, the bro in law organised it , I looked into who was on and from what I seen it was just one woman on all night whom I knew we wouldn't like, he insisted he called and was told there was a few acts on, turned out it was just the one woman , she was utter rubbish, just check who's on the night you want to go , if there is a few acts your probably gonna have a good night, with 1 act it's 50/50


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the Frog and Bucket in Manchester is a great night out

3 comedians and a compere - been about 8 times, you get the occasional duff one in the line up but always worth the trip as generally they are really good

went last week and all 4 were excellent - only thing that spoils it a bit is the 'hilarious' hen parties who don't appreciate when to shut up (they get chucked out if they don't get the message eventually)


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I've been to the Frog, Oldham St isn't it? Used to be a fiver to get in and have a curry! I saw some good people who went on to the TV circuit but also one bloke actually cracked and left mind set almost in tears as he was going down so badly.


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We run a comedy club at a venue in the South East and it's incredibly popular. I try to attend when I can and it's always good fun. We use an agency to supply the talent and normally mix 2 or 3 established comedians with 1 or 2 up and comers. Pay is actually shockingly low even for more famous comedians, but this is their "bread and butter" so I would encourage anyone thinking of trying a comedy night to do so.

It's a shame you always seem to get one group more interested in talking than listening to the comedy which unfortunately means upsetting them during the intervals. Sometimes a good compere will humiliate them into silence!


I go to the Glee Club in Birmingham often. Cracking night out and they have some great acts on.
Me too and better than The Jongleurs also in Birmingham.


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There's a comedy club on downstairs in the State Bar in Glasgow, think its a Saturday night - good atmosphere, more central than the Stand and better beer too


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we saw one comedian essentially die on stage due to heckling (he wasn't that good but still..) he was then stood at the bar later on and i just felt kinda sorry for him - it was about 15 years ago, might have been the same one as bluedroog!!

people talking during the acts is disgraceful, whether they like them or not. Hecklers are ok if they try it once or twice (then get the p ripped out of them) but the ones that just don't get it and think they are the main attraction deserve to get chucked out

frog is £17 now and curry is extra!! Good value for what you get though

Jongleurs in Leeds is decent but not as good as the Frog - the Highlights one that was in Oceana was ok too (i think this is now Jongleurs and has moved across the road)

we like our comedy up North after a hard day down't pit

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