Combo DVD Player and Hard Disk Recorder ?



Does anybody make one of these ?

I ask as we currently have a combo DVD player and VHS player (JVC) that works fine on the DVD side but the VHS side in on its way out.

Would like to replace with similar but instead of a VHS use a hard disk instead.

Not interested in the subscription based TiVo etc. systems. I.e. it would only need VideoPlus/PDC so I don't miss Coronation Street for her indoors ;) but would need a quality DVD player portion.

Only thing I've found that is close is the Panasonic DMR-HS2 but that has a DVD Write facility that I can't see we'll ever need.



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There's a review of of a new Thomson unit (model no. DTH7000U)in this month's T3. It has a 40GB hard disk which will record about 30 hours at lowest quality. T3 seemed to like it. Had a quick scoot around on the web and saw it at unbeatable for about £425.

Hope this helps


From what I've seen there are three models out: the Panny, as you've mentioned; the Toshiba RDX2 (even more expensive); and a Samsung model (which I haven't seen the price.) The are all used as a DVD Recorder with a hard drive, not a DVD Player HDD, though. The concept behind them is people who love the thought of HDD recorders like ReplayTV or Tivo but want to be able to permanently save shows & movies to DVD. (Of course they don't match the automated recording options of Tivo.)


I gather Phillips are in the throws of developing one (although it may actually be a HDD and DVD RECORDER) which may affect the price a bit, but it sounds interesting


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If yopu look at what Toshiba are doing with the RD series, they are network ready and I think can be programmed via the web!!! This will be a leap ahead of Tivo

Although I think we are a while off weeing Japanese toys in our stores,

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