combo drive?


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i have held back from getting a hd/blueray player since they came out, 1.because i didnt no which one to get. 2. i was hoping there would be companies bringing out combo drives that did both. only one i know of is the samsung which playes both fomats but it has a very hefty price tag!!! shal i bite the bullet and get the samsung one or shal i wait a bit longer and see if other companies bring combo drives out?


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I would wait myself especially since warners announcement that it is going blue-ray only from may 08.

There may be no need for combo player but we will have to wait and see what the response from HD-dvd and its backers will be.


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I would hope universal and paramount fall into line soon to avoid any more damage being done to HD movies in general


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The alternate solution I was hoping for was for combo players to become the norm and then studios can release on whatever format they like. Then the consumer doesn't have to worry (apart from early adopters and PS3 owners), much like with DVD-/+ formats.

I can't see that happening now that most are taking the Warner decision to mean game over for HD DVD.

With the high costs associated with Blu-Ray and limitations with the PS3, lack of cheap Blu-Ray players, and region coding, I can't see Blu-Ray ever getting out of the niche market it's in. If anything Warner's decision has damaged HD.

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