Combining components



Hi, everybody!
I’m going to buy a new AV system for my new Pio 506XDE plasma.
I thing is going to be something like this:
- Pioneer VSX-AX2AVi-S
- A 7.1 set of KEF Q series:
KEF Q4 (2x front)
KEF Q10C (centre)
KEF Q1 (4x surround)
KEF PSW 2500 (sub)
I have two questions:
1) What do you think of my choice (is Pio and KEF a good marriage)?
2) Which DVD-HDD recorder, with HDMI and up-scaling resolution do you advice? I thought Pioneer DVR 920 H-S or Sony RDR-HX715…

I’m a newbie and have no capability to listen to the set on storage.
Please, tell me something that could help to improve or correct my researches.

Thank you.

José Medeiros
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