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Combining AV amp with DVD player which has its own amp already?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by gabriel01, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. gabriel01


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    Hi, obvious newbie here.

    I am looking to start off a home cinema and hi fi set up using separates but on a small budget (£600 - £700). I'll be hooking in a Playstation 2, turntable, CD player as well as a video and TV an playing the lot through the home cinema set up.

    I've been recommended an AV amp that seems to offer all I need (Denon AVR-1705) but have been unable to find a <£200 speaker package that includes floor standing front speakers (I don't want front wall-mounts). I was considering stretching to get the JVC TH-S9 (£250) which is an integrated DVD player and amp with 6 speakers including subwoofer, as I've heard the JVC at a friend's house and it sounded good.

    My question is: can I use the Denon as the main amp and just use the JVC's speakers and DVD player, bypassing its amp? I'd even consider just using the speakers but it seems a shame to spend the extra just for speakers.

    Hope this makes sense!


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